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Contactless Renting

Here at ezStorage we’ve proudly served the Maryland, Virginia and DC markets since 1988.  By focusing on security, cleanliness, and great customer service – all at a competitive price – we’ve felt proud to be able to provide the best value in town.  For a local company competing against some of the biggest self storage companies in the world, it’s always been simple: focus on the customer.  Since the start of this Coronavirus crisis, we’ve been working hard to help our communities and the people who serve and protect them. Now, we’re proud to announce the rollout of contactless renting.

From here on out, our customers have the ability to find a location, select a unit, and rent that unit without ever having to leave the couch. Instead of having to visit our office and interact with a site manager to fill out paperwork to complete the rental process, you can simply rent a storage unit from the comfort of your home. Of course, the option to work directly with one of our fantastic representatives is still available to you, but that is no longer the only option.

Renting online is simple:

    1. Visit our website and use the search box to find the best storage location for you.
    2. Select the unit you are interested in.  If you don’t know what size you need, visit our storage unit size guide or simply call (877)467-8673.
    3. Click on “Rent Unit” and follow the steps.
    4. NOTE:  select the autopay option during the rental process to reduce person-to-person contact in the future.
    5. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation page as well as an email that contains your unit number and your gate code.

Please note, your first visit to the site should occur during normal office hours so we can ensure that the unit is prepped and ready to go.  You will also need to bring a lock to secure your unit.  If you don’t own one, we do sell them as well as other packing and moving supplies in our office.  If you have any questions or concerns during this process, don’t worry! One of our top notch customer service representatives will reach out to you soon after your rental.


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