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What to Do with Old Electronics

Vintage stereo system ready to be placed into a climate controlled self storage unitLet’s face it. We all love to have the latest, greatest smartphones, HDTVs, computers and other electronic gadgets. And, companies like Apple are all too happy to give them to us—like clockwork—each year. The problem? What to do with our old electronics. Unfortunately, some of our old tech simply isn’t worth the space it occupies in our homes.

The Five Best Yard Sale and Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Family preparing for a garage or yard saleMany families use the end of the summer as one last chance at a garage or yard sale to declutter their homes before the holidays and winter months arrive. A garage sale is not only a smart way to get any unneeded items out of the house, but if you do it right you can make some serious extra cash. Utilize these five smart tips to make the most out of your garage or yard sale!

5 Ways to Transform Ordinary Items into DIY Storage Containers

Organizing your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Store bought decorative containers can cost upwards of 20 dollars and sometimes wind up looking plain or generic, leaving you unwilling to display them in your home. Worse yet, it may be difficult to find a container that fits your specific needs. Instead of buying store bought containers, convert some common items found at home into your own DIY storage box masterpiece.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Movers & Moving Companies Near Me in Baltimore, DC and Virginia

There are several reasons to support hiring a moving company on moving day. There are also several reasons to support saving that expense and moving your boxes and furniture into your new home yourself. This article offers the top pros and cons for hiring movers on moving day, along with a list of moving companies near me in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Summer Art Festivals in Maryland & Baltimore for People Who Love Art

Artwork serves many purposes in our lives. You may buy artwork because it adds vibrant color or interesting patterns to a room. Or maybe you buy artwork for the way it makes you feel. A great piece of artwork may help you understand a situation from the artist’s perspective, or it may do something as simple as match your couch or drapes. Regardless of why you buy art, these Baltimore & Maryland art shows below are sure to please!

Moving Seniors into a Downsized Home or Assisted Living Facility

Relocating seniors into a smaller home or assisted living facility can be challenging. When moving into an assisted living facility, besides all of the emotions involved with leaving a home, there comes the question of what to do with their belongings. A lifetime of belongings, suitable for a family sized home, will simply not fit in an assisted living facility. 


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