Winter Boat Storage Tips

A man cleans his boat with a power hose to remove any grime before winter storageThe early weeks of fall have brought us colder and shorter days. This can only mean one thing, it is time to start preparing your boat for winter. This probably raises two questions in your mind.

1. Where will you store your boat?

2. What needs to be done to prepare your boat for storage?

The best answer to the first question is somewhere indoors. The winter elements can be extremely damaging to a boat. Your boat will be less susceptible to damage if it is stored indoors.

Now, to answer the second question, we put together the top tips to prepare your boat for storage!

Indoor Boat Storage Tips

1. Check the Owner’s Manual: First and foremost, check the owner’s manual for both your boat and the motor to see what is recommended for winter storage. The degree of care a boat needs during the winter time will vary on the materials the boat and motor are made from, as well as what type of boat it is. Checking the owner’s manual will ensure that you are taking the precautions necessary to store your particular kind of boat and motor.

2. Check Boat for Necessary Maintenance: If you notice in the fall that your boat needs some attention, take care of it then. Any issues your boat has in the fall, will most likely worsen with winter’s touch. And, if you wait until spring to address any issues not only will they have worsened, you’ll be visiting the boat repair shop during their busy season.

3. Check the Engine Oil: Change the oil before storing your boat. Also, check your power steering fluid levels and coolant levels and top them off if needed.

4. Check the Battery: Check the battery and top off any needed fluids. Use a battery tester to check the amps and volts. If the battery is unable to hold a charge, it will most likely need to be replaced.

5. Clean the Boat: Before storing your boat, thoroughly clean all surfaces. Any grime left on your boat during storage can cause damage during the off-season. After you’re done washing, wax all surfaces of the boat to seal your newly cleaned boat from whatever winter will throw at it.

6. Theft: Be wary of the location you choose to store your boat. A boat stored outside for the winter, or in an unmonitored location, may seem like an easy target to potential thieves. Store your boat in a location that is being monitored by a surveillance system. To prevent a thief from being able to steal anything that is valuable, remove all electronics and any items of value from your boat before storage.

Are You Looking for a Boat Storage Facility?

Taking the necessary precautions when storing your boat can save you thousands of dollars, as well as many hours spent with the boat doctor. The best place to store your boat is in a covered location. If you do not have a garage or another location to store your boat, consider utilizing a storage unit. Our facilities were created with the safety of your items in mind. There is ample lighting on both the interiors and exteriors of our facilities and 24/7 camera surveillance monitoring. Most of our locations even offer secure gate access and a resident manager on site. Contact us or visit one of our facilities for a tour!