White Water Rafting Near Washington DC and Baltimore

White Water Rafting Near Washington DC and BaltimoreWhite water rafting trips are great for the whole family. Besides the memories you will create while collectively battling the rapids, the paddling required to keep pace is excellent exercise. The Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas are within a short drive to many exciting destinations for white water rafting trips.

These areas include several white water rafting options for a wide range of skill levels, from novice rafter to experienced veteran. The destinations below are within a one-day trip from Baltimore and DC, and are worth checking out while there’s still time to splash around in the late summer sun.

White Water Rafting Baltimore

The white water rafting tours near Baltimore vary in length depending on the difficulty. One of the most popular trips is a six and half mile course traveling through Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. The excursions travel through the Blue Ridge Mountains on a set river course that goes from easy floating to challenging rapids. Harpers Ferry, in the mountains of West Virginia, is the starting point for the rafting tours. The historic city is a meeting point of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers causing gentle to difficult rapids to form depending on the time of the year and the water flow.

White Water Rafting Washington DC

The white water rafting trips near our nation’s capital feature multiple tours that are available on both the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. This includes River & Trail Outfitters, River Riders, and Potomac Paddle sports. Many of these companies also offer other activities such as tubing, stand-up paddle boarding, canopy tours and zip-lining. But the main attraction here is the white water rafting opportunities that vary in skill level and length. These white water rafting areas near Washington, D.C. will take you through parts of Harpers Ferry National Park as well, along with C & O Canal National Park.

Storing Sports Equipment in Washington, D.C and Baltimore

When the white water rafting season ends, it’s important to properly store your sports equipment to make sure it is in optimal shape for next summer. Most types of sports equipment will last years if it is properly taken care of, and white water rafting paddles, helmets and boats are among these types of items. ezStorage offers a wide variety of storage unit sizes designed to fit your household, business and sports storage needs. Stop by one of our several self storage locations throughout the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas to learn more about how we can help you save money today and maximize the storage experience.