What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

ezStorage outdoor storage unitsOne of the most important factors in choosing a self storage facility is deciding what size storage unit you will need to store your belongings. Before you rent, take an inventory of all of the items that you plan to store. This will help you determine what size storage unit fits your needs. If you are storing the entire contents of a home, you'll definitely need a larger storage unit. If you are only storing smaller or a limited amount of clothing, then a 5x5 unit may be just right for you. Also, it is important to keep in mind that you might be periodically adding or removing items, so you may want something a little larger to create aisles or access points in your unit. Also, do you require a climate controlled storage unit?

Storage facilities might not have climate controlled storage units in the size your require. If you are unsure of what storage unit size that you will need, ask to take a tour of the facility to see the different size storage units, but keep in mind, a good self storage company will insist on taking you for a tour--something you definitely should do. This will allow you to visualize your belongings in a certain sized storage unit.  You can take an online tour of the ezStorage facilities to see all of the amenities that ezStorage has to offer its storage customers. Once you have finalized your storage unit decision, then it is important to correctly pack your storage unit to have the optimum space for your items. If you are storing for a longer time, it is important to leave space for ventilation and movement within the storage unit.

If you need to access items more often, it is important to have these items at the front of the storage unit. If you are renting a storage unit for a business, it is important to have aisles in your storage unit and add shelving units to better organize your inventory or file boxes. ezStorage  offers a variety of storage unit sizes for your belongings. If you still are not sure if your belongings will fit in a certain sizes storage unit, the storage unit guide below can help! Also, check out the ezStorage interactive storage guide. All of the storage units at the 45 Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC ezStorage locations have 8 foot tall ceilings. Keep that in mind when you are packing the storage unit.

5’x5’ (25 square feet)-This is the smallest size storage unit available. This is a great size for personal items, clothes, skis, children’s toys, small furniture and sales representative inventory or materials.

5’x10’ (50 square feet)-This size will allow you to store a small amount of furniture, chest of drawers, mattress, boxes and other smaller items.

7.5’x10’ (75 square feet)-This is slightly bigger than the 5’x10’ unit, so you can store a bit more furniture, chairs, mattresses or boxes.

10’x10’ (100 square feet)-This size unit can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment  including appliances (refrigerator or stove), furniture, mattresses and boxed items.

10’x15’ (150 square feet)-This size unit can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment or home including appliances, mattresses, furniture and boxed items.

10’x20’ (200 square feet)-This size unit can hold the contents of a three bedroom apartment or home including appliances, furniture, mattresses and boxed items. This is also a great option for commercial storage for inventory and storage shelves.

10’x30’ (300 square feet)-This is the largest storage unit available at ezStorage. It can hold the contents of a four to five bedroom home including multiple appliances, furniture and boxed items. This is another great option for commercial business storage. Stop by any of the 45 ezStorage locations to take a tour of our storage facilities. Our friendly and experience staff will help you with any questions that you might have about renting a self storage unit.