Well-Lit Self Storage Facilities

ezStorage takes great pride in maintaining well-lit self storage facilities noticeable to customers from the moment they drive up to one of our buildings in terms of exterior lighting, to entering our bright loading lobbies, and then to walking well-lit halls and aisles as they access their self storage units. As a result, electricity usage represents one of ezStorage’s most significant operating costs.

There are a number of approaches to managing electric costs and achieving energy efficiency but, as a result of recent visits to several of a competitor’s sites, allow me to “shine the light” on just two ---

  • the ezStorage way --- invest in state-of-the-art high efficiency lighting; invest in state-of-the-art LED signage; and, invest in LEED certified buildings
  • a major competitor’s approach --- remove bulbs from every other light fixture in hallways and aisles

Now, where would you choose to store? A competitive monthly rental rate is great, particularly if you can find a rate lower than the ezStorage rate, but is traversing dark hallways to get to half lit aisles worth it? And what if the fixture overhead with no bulbs is directly over your self storage unit? Will that self storage operator offer you convenient night vision goggles with each rental so you can at least see your stuff?

So, as you decide which self storage facility to use, take that all important tour before renting. Take note of the exterior lighting in the evening, see if the loading lobby lights up brightly as you enter it, and make sure you walk the halls and aisles taking particular note of the lighting overhead. Then ask yourself, are you really getting what you paid for or did that “other” self storage operator cut corners by offering you something less?