Use these Tailgating Tips to be the MVP of Football Season!

Football fans gather around the grill while tailgating If you’re a sports fan, this is the time you’ve been waiting for all year. Tailgating season! There’s nothing quite like arriving a few hours ahead of the game, grilling out and preparing to watch your team win the big game. Whether you’re a tailgate newbie or veteran, following these tips will guarantee you have a successful tailgating season!

Best Tailgating Tips to Help You Win Tailgating Season

1. Grill as Much Food as You Can Before the Tailgate Party: If you’ve ever been the grill master at a tailgating party, you know the pain of getting stuck behind the grill for hours. For some, there’s nothing wrong with this, but for others, they crave letting loose with their fellow tailgaters. Grill burgers, hot dogs and sausage before heading to the tailgate and put them on ice in your cooler. Once at the tailgate, you’ll only need to throw the meat on the grill for a short amount of time to let it reheat.

2. Check the Weather: Depending on where you live, fall weather can be extremely temperamental. Prepare in advance. If it’s going to be cold, wet and rainy, bring a thermos of soup. If it’s going to be warm, bring extra ice. Well, maybe bring extra ice either way.

3. Differentiate Your Tailgate: Be the MVP of your tailgate and bring a unique flag to help your friends find your car. Think outside of the standard team logos and mascots. Your friends will appreciate this when they’re trying to comb through hundreds of tailgaters looking for your SUV.

4. Pick Your Spot: Choose your tailgate spot strategically. If you are looking to play catch during the tailgate, choose a location near grass. If you are looking to be in the center of the tailgating action, choose a spot in the middle of the parking lot.

5. Freeze Water Bottles: Kill two birds with one stone and put frozen water bottles in your cooler. The frozen water bottles will help keep your food cold while they’re frozen, and you hydrated once they melt. And, if it’s an especially hot day and you have consumed a few adult beverages, you’ll be happy to have the extra water—both the day of the party AND the day after.

6. Don’t Forget the Basics: Don’t forget to pack an ample supply of cups, silverware, napkins and bowls. After all, how can you be the tailgate MVP if you forget plates for your friends to put their chips and dip between games of catch?

ezStorage is Here for Your Post-Tailgating Season Needs

Hopefully adding these tailgating tips to your playbook will keep you and your friends happy all season long. But, what about after tailgating season is over or in between home games? Well, here’s one last tip for you: Consider renting a storage unit! A storage unit is a smart way to keep your items in a safe location, and out of the way. Plus, if you’re one of those die-hard super-fans with a decked out tailgating vehicle you can even store your ride with us in the off season. Whether rooting on your favorite local college football team or the Raven’s and Redskin’s, ezStorage has 47 locations throughout the Maryland and D.C. region. Contact us today!