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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

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March 12, 2014


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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is the annual practice of freshening up, cleaning and reorganizing the home after what seems like a never-ending winter. Don’t let spring cleaning projects overwhelm you this year! ezStorage has put together a great guide to help you with your spring cleaning projects room-by-room as well as teach you a bit of history about this annual event. In a recent study by the American Cleaning Institute , 62% of American households do some sort of spring cleaning projects, with women (at 50%) doing the majority of the cleaning. It can take one week to many (depending on time constraints) to complete all of the projects on the spring cleaning checklist. The kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms are the high priority rooms when doing spring cleaning and most people pay extra attention to cleaning windows, blinds and ceiling fans. When there are multiple people working on the list, the projects get completed much quicker. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task and most people just don’t want to do it. If you break down the project into smaller bits and just do one room at a time, then it is not as daunting and can be completed. ezStorage created the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist Infographic to get you ready for the 2014 spring cleaning season. We’ve broken down a house full of spring cleaning “to dos” into a cleaning checklist by room as well as give some DIY spring cleaning tips to make the jobs easier. If you are re-organizing a room, don’t forget to utilize the sorting process. Remove all of the items from the room first and then sort them into the following piles (or boxes): keep in the room, donate items, store items, or throw away unwanted items. ezStorage has 46 locations in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Northern Virginia area that can help you with your storage needs from packing and moving supplies to storage units for those items that you just can’t give or throw away from your spring cleaning projects. Find out more about the history of spring cleaning and get helpful spring cleaning ideas and tips from this ezStorage Infographic. The Infographic includes a spring cleaning checklist by room to ensure your entire house is spotless for the warmer months of the year. In the next few months, we will be sharing blog posts on specific spring cleaning tips to help you with your spring cleaning process. Spring Cleaning Checklist by Room from ezStorage.

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5x5 locker

5' x 5' (25 sq ft) (Locker)

Half the height of our standard 5' x 5', our lockers will hold personal items, clothes boxes, business records and sale rep materials. This is our smallest storage unit. Available at most locations.

5x5 unit size

5' x 5' Storage Unit (25 Sq. Ft.) (standard closet size)

How big is a 5x5? A 5x5 will hold personal items, clothes, boxes, small furniture items, business records and sales rep materials.

5x10 unit size

5' x 10' Storage Units (50 Sq. Ft.) (walk-in closet size)

Will hold small amounts of furniture, boxspring and mattress, business records and other small items.

10x10 unit size

10' x 10' Storage Units (100 Sq. Ft.) (standard bedroom size)

Will hold a 1 bedroom apartment w/major appliances, other furniture and supplies.

10x15 unit size

10' x 15' Storage Unit (150 Sq. Ft.) (1/2 standard one-car garage size)

What will fit in a 10x15? This size storage-unit will hold contents of a 2 bedroom apartment or house including appliances and boxes, or commercial storage inventory.

10x20 unit size

10' x 20' Storage Unit (200 Sq. Ft.) (standard one-car garage size)

Will hold contents of a 3 bedroom apartment or house plus major appliances and lots of boxes. Business storage, ideal for storage racks.

10x30 unit size

10' x 30' Storage Unit (300 Sq. Ft.) (standard two-car garage size)

Will hold contents of a 4 to 5 bedroom house with major appliances and room for boxes. Business storage for files, equipment and permanent records.

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