Ultimate Back to School Guide for Parents

Back to school. For some these three words are great news, while for others, it is an anxiety ridden event. Back to school can be a very stressful time for any age, but if you are a parent experiencing your child’s first day of school, either pre-school or kindergarten, it can be even more stressful. It is important for parents to try to manage their own anxieties about the first day of school in order to help their children have a positive experience during their first week of classes. The most important tip for any school-aged child is to create a routine from morning to after-school to evening. Children become more adaptable with a new experience (such as going to a new school) once they are comfortable with their surroundings and their routine.

Back to School Tips for Parents

How and when do you prepare for back to school? Now is the perfect time to start getting ready for back-to-school by creating checklists, gathering back to school supplies, filling out paperwork, making start of school doctor appointments and much more! If your child is nervous about his/her school, then take them on a tour of the school before classes start. Show them where their classroom is, as well as where the cafeteria, library and gym are located. Once they become familiar with their surroundings, they will be more comfortable with being in school. It is also vital for your child to get a good night’s sleep. Start adjusting the summer bedtime at least a week before school starts. Start with going to bed 10 minutes earlier each day, until you are back to the school year regular time. Also practice the daily routines from morning to night. This could involve practicing waiting for the school bus and creating an after-school play-time and then homework-time schedule. Getting your child ready to go to school for the first time requires planning, preparation and practice. ezStorage created the “Ultimate Back to School Guide for Parents” to give tips on making the first day of school less intimidating and stressful for the entire family. The guide is a checklist to give back to school ideas and reminders to parents such as setting doctor’s appointments to meeting with your child’s teacher. These simple back to school tips for parents can help you relieve some of the overall stress during the first week of the new school year.

First Day for Schools in Baltimore Area

The schools in the Baltimore area have their first day back at school at the end of August.  The Baltimore City schools, Howard County schools, Hartford County schools, and   Anne Arundel County schools all begin their fall semester on August 25th. Start prepping now for all for the school projects, papers and collectibles that you will be storing throughout your child’s school career. Store these precious keepsakes in a secure storage unit at ezStorage. Consider self storage facilities from ezStorage