Trading and Collectible Card Storage Tips

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Trading Card Storage Tips

For most people collecting sports cards is a passion and is passed down to younger generations. This is very similar to people who are comic books collectors.  It is very important to keep a trading card collection protected and in mint condition. Trading cards are made of cardboard and can be extremely fragile.  If a card is bent by mistake, the value of the card will significantly drop.

There are special precautions that need to be done in order to protect collectible and trading cards for future generations.

  1. Baseball and trading cards should be stored individually in plastic covers.  Do not leave a card on display outside of protective covering for long periods of time. It can get dirty and the colors can fade from the lighting.
  2. Baseball or collectible cards can also be placed in a D-ring binder in specially designed plastic protective pages. However, special caution must be taken when inserting and removing the cards from the protective pages.  Any bending or creasing of the card will decrease the value.
  3. Sports and trading card collections should be stored in specially designed sports card storage boxes.  Sports card storage boxes are usually made of corrugated cardboard and can hold anywhere from 50-50,000 sports cards each. The boxes contain dividers that prevent the cards from moving around in the box. Trading card storage boxes are easy to stack and place on storage shelving.
  4. Trading cards should be stored in a dry, cool place like a climate-controlled unit. Collectible cards storage should be far away from direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to sunlight and lighting can cause the colors on the cards to fade therefore diminishing the value of the cards.
  5. If storing a trading card collection in a storage unit, place the trading or baseball card storage boxes above the ground, optimally on a shelving unit.  You can also organize the boxes of trading cards by sport, type and year much easier on shelving units.
  6. Create an inventory list of your trading card collection. Place a copy of the list in the box as well as keep a copy of the list with you. This allows for easier access when you need to find a specific card.


History of Baseball Cards

Collecting and exchanging sports and trading cards has been going on for over one hundred and fifty years!  The first baseball cards were printed in the late 1860’s by a company called Peck and Snyder as advertisement for their products. On the front of the card was a baseball team and on the back was their products. These cards were printed in mass quantities and handed out for free. These “trade cards” as they were called, were very popular through the end of the 1800’s. Tobacco companies joined in the trade card production by inserting a card to a pack of cigarettes. The “Golden Age” of baseball trading cards was during the early 1900’s. The cards created during this time contained original artwork and if found today, can sell for over $500,000 in an auction. The industry changed over the decades until the 1950’s when Topps, a chewing gum company, joined in the baseball card business and dominated the trading card market decades until other card producers, Fleer or Score joined in the mix. Today, there are trading cards for movies, television shows, popular performers and interactive games, such as Pokeman.

If you properly store your collectible trading cards, they will continue to be in great condition to pass along to future generations. ezStorage offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5x5 to 10x30 for trading and baseball card storage.