Tips for Storing Winter Clothes

Storing Winter ClothesSpring has sprung! With its arrival, we welcome the warmer temperatures after the long, chilly winter. This time of year, everyone starts to get antsy to remove all those thick layers of clothes and replace them with t-shirts and lighter jackets, ready to put away those heavy winter coats, hats and gloves. In fact, as you start to tackle all your yearly spring cleaning projects, it’s recommended that you start preparing all those winter clothes for storage until you need them again next year.

Proper Winter Coat, Hat and Glove Storage Tips

Spring is a transitional time of year for wardrobes, because it isn’t quite warm enough to wear summer clothing, but it isn’t cold enough anymore to continue to wear all those cozy sweaters and coats! By taking the time to properly organize and store your winter clothes, you’ll ensure that everything will be in great condition when you take them out of storage in the fall.

A few ideas and tips for winter coat storage and hat and glove storage include:

  • Sort, purge and organize. Before you consider storing winter clothes for the season, take the time to sort through your winter wardrobe. If you didn’t wear certain clothes over this past winter, make decisions about whether you should donate, sell in a garage sale, or throw away the clothing. Goodwill, homeless shelters or the Salvation Army always welcome clothing donations. Once you’ve sorted through everything, make piles of similar items: hats in one pile, scarves in another, gloves and mittens in another, etc. This will make it easier to keep everything together in storage.
  • Thoroughly clean the clothing before placing in storage. Wash the clothing according to manufacturer’s instructions, and if some clothing requires dry cleaning, bring all those items to the cleaners at one time. At the very least, spot clean any stains, dirt or food particles and make sure that the clothing is completely dry before it goes into storage.
  • Purchase the proper storage containers. Store clothing in clean, unused cardboard boxes. You can pick up a variety of moving boxes at ezStorage including wardrobe boxes (tall boxes with a metal crossbar for hanging). The best storage solution for clothing is to use clear plastic boxes with air tight lids so you can easily see what you are storing. You can also consider using suitcases for winter clothing storage.
  • Store like items together. Since you’ve already sorted through all your winter clothes, as you’re placing things like sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens into storage, make sure you’re keeping similar items together in the container, with the heaviest items on the bottom. Heavy coats should be stored in plastic garment bags during the off-season. Wardrobe boxes are also a great winter coat storage option, because you can just hang the coats on the bar in the boxes to keep them wrinkle-free and then easily unpack them next season.
  • Keep things fresh. Before you put the boxes full of your winter clothing into storage for the season, a final tip is to add a dryer sheet, mothballs or cedar blocks in the box with your items. This will keep everything smelling fresh and safe.

If you have winter clothing and other seasonal items that need to be placed into storage, consider ezStorage for all your household storage needs. We offer self-storage solutions throughout the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas to help keep your home tidy and organized year-round!