Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

Bedroom CleaningSpring cleaning provides the foundation for household cleanliness and organization throughout the year. This is especially true for the area of the home where we spend the majority of our time—the bedroom. From overflowing closets to overstuffed drawers, bedroom cleaning and organization may seem like an overwhelming part of your spring cleaning project. But by following the bedroom cleaning tips below, you can get your spring cleaning project off to the right start.

How to Clean a Bedroom

Bedroom cleaning and organization begins with a detailed plan for spring cleaning success. While every bedroom is different, following these tips on how to clean a bedroom efficiently will help save time and increase overall effectiveness.

  • Clean Closets First: Make the closets the very first part of your bedroom cleaning project. Pull everything out of each closet and lay those items on your bed. Then, decide which articles of clothing you’d like to keep, donate, store or throw away. Be sure to only put the clothes you plan to keep—and wear—back in your closet in an organized manner.
  • Keep, Donate, Store: Designate one cardboard box for everything you plan to donate and one box for the clothing and other accessories you could place in a self-storage unit. The items you plan to throw away can go in a large garbage bag. As you sort through everything else in your room, fill each box accordingly and only keep what you really need.
  • Vacuum and Dust When It’s Empty: Before you put your clothes back in the closet, be sure to dust and vacuum the hard-to-reach places deep inside your closets. Repeat this process by vacuuming under the bed.
  • Empty Your Drawers: After your closets, remove everything from the drawers throughout your bedroom. Identify which items should be kept, donated or stored, and be sure to dust the inside of your drawers before putting everything back.
  • Clean All Ceiling Fixtures: Your ceiling fixtures can sometimes get neglected in a spring cleaning project. Be sure to look up and wipe down the lights and ceiling fans that have most likely been gathering dust all year. Bring in a ladder and long-handled duster to hit all of these fixtures at the same time.
  • Professionally Clean Curtains: Take down and wash your bedroom window curtains or have them professionally cleaned every spring.
  • Deep Clean Carpet: When you are done with your spring cleaning effort in the bedroom—and have removed all boxes and excess items—use this as an opportunity to treat your carpets to a deep-cleaning to help keep them fresh all year long.

An important aspect of bedroom cleaning and organization is choosing the right items to be placed into a self-storage unit to meet your needs. After your bedroom spring cleaning is complete, make sure the items you placed in the storage box are folded up neatly. Also, remember to put anything you might need to grab in the short-term on top for easy future access.

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