Tips for Moving in the Winter

Tips for Moving During Winter Months

January, February and March are the slowest months for selling homes and moving.  Planning to move from your home or apartment into a new place during the cold or wet winter months can be less than ideal. Moving during the winter months does require some more planning and adjustment due to severe weather possibilities. However, buying a home in the winter could actually work out in your favor. If you are selling a home in the winter, it is important to make sure that you have your home properly staged for selling. This will help the home sell quicker. Sellers are generally more motivated during the winter months to accept an offer. If you’ve found your dream home in January or February, don’t be afraid to make an offer! The chances of a seller accepting your bid during the winter months is higher than during the peak selling season of May through September.


Winter Moving Tips



By taking just a few extra steps, your move can go just as smoothly as it would during the warmer months.

  1. Start planning for your move as soon as possible. The first thing that you need to decide is if you will hire a moving company or rent a moving truck. The best solution for moving during the winter months is to hire a moving company. Professional movers are accustomed to moving in all kinds of weather conditions. If you plan to do the move yourself, enlist the help of as many friends and family members as possible. Make sure you rent your moving truck early and have the correct size for your needs.  The more people involved, the faster your move will go. Make sure that you know how to properly pack the rental truck for optimum space and time.


  1. Although it’s hard to know exactly what the weather will be like the day of your move, by keeping up with the daily and weekly weather forecasts you’ll be able to better plan ahead. If there’s a possibility of a winter storm, know what your moving company’s policy is about postponing due to bad weather conditions. You should also have some alternate routes planned in case some of the roads are impassable.


  1. Start packing your belongings a few weeks before the move. ezStorage offers a variety of moving and packing supplies at each of their 45 locations to help you get your moving process started. By following simple moving and packing tips, such as packing like items together, using plenty of packaging filler material, labeling each of the boxes for the room where they are intended and adding a list of the contents on the box, your moving day experience will be a bit smoother.


  1. Be prepared for cold, possibly snowy moves by making sure you have items like a snow shovel, salt and cardboard. Make sure you have a clear path to and from your moving truck at both your old home and the new one. Shovel or plow the walkways and driveways.


  1. Although it may seem like common sense to dress warm and in layers, you might think once you’re inside your new home you won’t need to worry about how you’re dressed. But with doors constantly opening and closing, regulating the temperature inside will be difficult.


  1. Turn on the utilities in your new home a few days before the move to ensure that the furnace and water are running. This will help make your new home is comfortable on moving day.


  1. Prepare for the move by covering the floors of your old and new home with large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheets. Have rags and cleaning supplies on hand to wipe down your belongings as they are moved inside, especially if it is raining or snowing.


  1. Have some hot coffee or hot chocolate and some warm snacks prepared for all those involved in the move! Taking a break to warm up for a few minutes will be appreciated by everyone.


Happy Moving Day!