Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table

Moving Dining Room Set

Moving and storing furniture can be a daunting task. These items are usually the largest that you have to move and they could be the most expensive. Knowing the specifics about how to pack furniture for moving is imperative to protect your investment and keep these pieces in good condition for years to come.  Each type of furniture can require different preparation for moving and storing, so check with the manufacturer instructions before cleaning, moving and putting any furniture in storage. For example, a couch should be placed horizontally in a moving truck, and do not place any sharp or heavy items on the top of the cushions of while in transit or in storage.   

In today’s busy world, many people don’t use their dining room except for special occasions or holiday gatherings, or they may use it as a place for additional storage. However, the dining room table and chairs are very important and treasured pieces of furniture. It is crucial to take some extra time to properly prepare dining room furniture for moving in order to protect it from damage and costly repairs.  Before starting to pack the dining room, it is recommended to take a picture of the dining room table from all angles. This documents the item and any existing damage and provides proof if there is damage made during the move.


How to Pack Furniture for Moving

Below are tips for correctly preparing and packing dining room furniture for moving day, including tips for wrapping dining room furniture to keep items protected during transport. Make sure that you have moving and packing supplies such as bubble wrap and packing tape on hand for this part of the project.

  • Clean/dust the furniture before preparing for storage.
  • It is much easier to move a table with the legs off. As a first step, unbolt and unscrew the legs from the table. Tape the hardware in a re-sealable bag and attach it to the bottom of the table or on one of the legs. Label the bag with its contents.
  • Wrap each detached leg with bubble wrap for additional protection. If you cannot remove the table legs, wrap them in bubble wrap for protection during moving.
  • Remove the table leaf and wrap it in a moving blanket.
  • For drop-down sides tables, put the sides down before wrapping the tabletop with a moving blanket. Secure the blanket with packing tape, so the blanket will not move when in transit.
  • Wrap the detached tabletop with as many blankets as is needed in order to cover the surface. Tape the blankets to the bottom of the table to keep them secured. Do not use tape on the surface of the table as it could leave a residue or peel the paint or wood surfacing.
  • Glass dining room table tops should first be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and then wrapped with at least two moving blankets. For additional protection, add a layer of cardboard taped over the blankets.
  • Dismantle dining room chairs to give additional room on the moving truck. Wrap dining room chairs in a moving blanket and secure with tape.  Then, wrap the legs and the back of the chair in bubble wrap.


Moving a Dining Room Table and Chairs

Once you have the dining room take wrapped and packed, it is now time to make sure that it gets moved properly into a moving truck. Below are a few tips for moving a dining room set to get the most optimum room in the moving truck and storage unit. 

  • Move chairs by picking them up from the bottom of the seat. Do not move chairs by lifting up from their backs or by dragging them across the floor as this could damage the chair and the floor.
  • Stack chairs in groups of two in the moving van and secure with bungee cord or rope. Place the second chair upside down on top of the first chair.
  • When moving the table, have one person lift it from one end and another from the other end. Lift it by the apron and turn so it is vertical to the floor. This will allow for easier movement through doors and up/down stairs.
  • Load the tabletop against the wall of a moving van and secure with rope or bungee cords. Another option is to lay it flat on the floor of the moving truck. Place the separated legs in a secure position where they won’t roll and damage other items.
  • If the legs remain on the table, be very careful how you load the table into the moving truck. If the table is being moved in a standing position, you can load items below it, but it might not be able to support a lot of weight on top. Plus, tables can shift during transit.  It might be a better idea to place the table on its side in the moving van and make sure to keep the legs protected as much as possible.


It is very important to protect the investment in your furniture, especially cherished dining room tables, while moving or in storage so you will be able to use the items for many years to come. Self storage is a great home storage solution to keep these items protected until you need them again.