Tips for How to Prepare for a Garage Sale

best garage sale tips


Summer is traditionally the best time to throw a garage sale.  You will see garage sale signs popping up in every neighborhood. The main goal of a garage sale is to get rid of things that you no longer need. It is a way to make some extra money and make room in your home for the items that you really love and need. Garage sales are a great way to reduce the amount of “stuff” from a spring cleaning or reorganization project or when a homeowner is getting ready to move to a new city or downsize.

Garage sales can be fun experiences and chances to meet people in the neighborhood. Being friendly with the people that are shopping at your garage or yard sale is the most important component in having a successful garage sale. If you just follow a few of the tips, then your garage sale will be successful.


Best Garage Sale Tips

Start doing research to find out if other homes in your neighborhood plan to do garage sales at the same time. If other houses on the street are doing one, it might be a good idea to do a combined sale to draw more potential customers. Community yard sales generally provide greater traffic flow.  Once you have done your research, decide on the day of the garage sale. Garage sales can be held for multiple days (usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday and some are held on Sundays), but usually Saturdays are the best day of the week to hold them. Do not schedule your garage sale the same weekend as a large event taking place in your city or town. Also, do not schedule your garage sale for holidays such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Traffic will most likely be limited on these days.

How to Prepare for A Garage Sale

One of the best garage sale tips is to start advertising the garage sale at least two weeks before the day of the sale. “Tease” your sale via your social media platforms. Really promote the sale via online and offline tactics three days before the sale. Use all available outlets for advertising your garage sale such as social media, local newspapers, craigslist and hanging flyers up in local businesses.  If you are selling larger, more expensive items, place their photos, descriptions and costs on craigslist (or create a Facebook photo album) during the week before your sale to drum up attention and early potential buyers. Have your family help you make signage for the garage sale to put at the end of the street and at close by busy streets and intersections. The signs should be on eye-catching cardboard with big, clear and readable letters.

The more variety of items that you have in the garage sale, the more potential buyers you will attract. If your garage sale merchandise is stored in a storage unit, now is the time to remove the items from storage to get organized for the sale day. 

Garage Sale Ideas

It is important to start prepping as early as possible for your garage sale. Gather materials that you will need such as poster board, colored price stickers, masking tape, Ziploc bags, markers and a money box or aprons (with pockets for change) for you and your helpers. On the day of the sale, have plenty of singles, fives and change for your money box. Save newspapers for wrapping fragile or delicate items. Have plastic bags and boxes on-hand to allow your customers to easily carry away their new items.  Recruit friends and family to help you on the sale day.

The prices for each of the items should be clearly marked with sticker price tags. Price the items in round numbers starting with a quarter.  Do not over-price your sale items. Price the items a bit higher for those people that want to haggle, but still low enough to entice buyers. If it is late in the day on the last day of your sale and you still have a lot to sell, then try slashing the prices to 50% off.

Make sure your garage sale items are clean and not damaged or broken. Put the larger, better looking items towards the street, so people can see them as they drive up. Use nice crates, sturdier boxes, tables and shelving units to display your items. Hang clothing on a rack instead of folding. Organize the clothing by size for easy shopping. Use bags to keep together loose parts of toys, games and collections. Have extension cords and batteries available so customers can try plugging in an appliance, lamp or test an electronic item.

The goal of a garage sale is to get rid of stuff while also making some extra money. Do not bring anything back into your house after the sale!  After the sale, consider donating any of the items that you did not sell. If you have some items you have to keep, return them to the self storage unit or consider renting a self storage unit. As you know, self storage is great for home storage options.  

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