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10 Essential Tips for Babyproofing the House

Life Events | October 26, 2018

A young baby explores after his parents babyproofed the house
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Before you bring your new baby home, the most important area to babyproof is your nursery. Once the nursery is babyproofed, you are able to concentrate of babyproofing other areas of the house. While these areas are not as dire as the nursery, it is still necessary before your baby starts crawling.

Keep your baby safe by following these 10 tips for babyproofing your home!

How to Babyproof the House in 10 Steps

Step 1: Keep medications out of reach
Designate an out of reach area as your medicine storage space. If you do not have an out of reach storage space for medications, invest in a lockable medicine safe.

Step 2: Invest in a nonslip mat:
Place nonslip mats outside of the tub and in front of your sink. This will help to prevent your baby from slipping on the wet floor.

Step 3: Keep pet food away:
Your young baby will not know the difference between their food and the pet food they find on the food. And unfortunately, when it comes to hard food like dog food, it also poses a safety hazard. Keep all pet food locked away to avoid your baby putting it in their mouth.

Step 4: Keep chemicals latched away:
While it is common to store chemicals and cleaning supplies under the sink, this is not a smart storage location. Store your chemicals out of reach or invest in cabinet latches to keep the doors shut.

Step 5: Use stove knob covers:
Protect your baby from accidental burns by using stove knob covers.

Step 6: Use cordless shades:
Shades with cords can pose a strangulation risk for your baby. Always use cordless shades or cord cleats to keep the cords from dangling.

Step 7: Anchor furniture to the wall:
Any heavy televisions, dressers and book cases need to be anchored to the wall. Heavy furniture can severely injure a child.

Step 8: Use a baby gate:
Block off any stairs with a baby gate. This will prevent your child from tumbling and getting injured.

Step 9: Block off sharp corners:
When your child stands up, they have the potential of bumping their face on sharp corners in your house. Place bumpers on the corners of low level tv stands, tables and any other sharp corners.

Step 10: Block off fireplace:
Use a guard door to shield the fireplace from your child. Not only does the fireplace pose a burn risk, they can also choke on the small fireplace rocks.

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