Time to Work on Your Re-organization Resolutions!

Under stairs storage options Happy New Year! The New Year’s celebrations have come and gone and now it is time to delve into all of your organizing resolutions for 2013! With the weather getting colder, more people will be spending time indoors. This is a perfect time to work on indoor projects. According to research, over 60% of adults who make resolutions will forget about them by mid-year. Re-organization projects can seem like a daunting task, but can actually be fun and easy to do! The first thing that you need to do when working on your re-organization project is to decide what the goal will be for your project. Do you want to clean out desk, a closet, one room or the entire house? Once you set your goals, then come up with a plan on how to achieve this goal. Write down the plan and keep it as a reference point as you are working through the project. Before you get started with your plan, gather all of the materials that you will need in order to re-organize. This could include purchasing shelving units, storage bins or baskets or other storage units. Re-organizing an entire home is a daunting task, but if you set smaller achievable goals, then you can feel a sense of accomplishment when the smaller tasks are completed. Don’t do the entire home at one time. Start with organizing one room at a time. Once you have completed the first room, then, give yourself a break or a reward and move on to the next room.  If your plan is just to organize one room, then start with certain areas that gather the most clutter such as desks, tables or closets. Pull out all of the items in the area that you want to clean. This will allow you to see all that you have. Create boxes for items that you want to keep, sell or donate, put in storage or throw away. There are many ways to re-organize your items to put back into the cleaned up space. It could take some creativity and the use of storage units or even re-purposed household items. There are many creative and organizing websites  that are sharing great tips for organization. Pinterest is a great resource for storage and organizational tips. ezStorage has a Pinterest Page  where we share organizational, self storage and storage tips. Follow us to see some great tips for your home! Once you have organized the one section, then move on to the next section until the room is complete. Gather the items that are not going back into the room. Properly pack the items  for placing in storage. Take the items to your storage unit right away so they won’t clutter up another room in the home. If you are planning on selling the items in a garage sale in the summer, keep all of the items together and place them in the storage unit until you plan on having the sale. If you are donating the items, then drop them off as soon as possible, so you won’t continue to store them at your home. You will have a feeling of accomplishment once all of these little details are completed. The next task is keeping the newly organized room clutter free! ezStorage has 45 locations in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC to serve all of your storage needs. We have a variety of storage units available to place items longer term or for just a few months. Stop by any of locations for more information. Stay tuned for more re-organizing tips throughout the year!