Ten Everyday Items That Can Be Used for Organization and Storage Around the Home and Office

We all try to make our daily lives easier. There are so many everyday items throughout our homes that can be repurposed for storage or organization from cupcake tins to binder clips. They all can be used for DIY tips around the home. Organizing and decluttering projects take on new meaning when you re-purpose items that originally weren’t intended to be used for storage. Using some very simple DIY tips can make getting organized much easier in the New Year. There are many websites from www.realsimple.com to www.homedepot.com that can help you with storage and organization tips. We found some great DIY storage ideas via the ezStorage Pinterest pagePinterest is a great place to get organization and storage ideas! Below are just ten of the many clever storage ideas that we found that would work great for any home or office:

Binder Clip to hold device wires

1. Keep your device cords organized and easy to find by putting them through a binder clip attached to your desk or night stand. Photo courtesy of teamimhoff.com.  

Use muffin tins for storage

2. Repurpose old muffin/cupcake tins for storage for the workshop. The pans are great to sort out nuts, bolts, screws and nails. Photo courtesy of familyhandyman.com.

Repurpose Tic Tac Holders for Storage

3. Remember those Tic Tac holders? They are great holders for bobby pins or even nails for the workshop! Photo courtesy of doitandhow.com.

  Ice Cube Tray Storage

4. Ice cube trays make perfect storage for small desk accessories, crafts pieces and tool workshops! Photo courtesy of realsimple.com.

  Storage Idea for Household cleaners

5. Repurpose hanging shoe racks for storage for cleaning supplies. Hanging the items makes it easier to reach and to find what you need, when you need it. Other good items to put in shoe holders are travel mugs, action figures and other toys. Photo courtesy of pinner.

  Paint Cans as Desk Accessories

6. Clean out and decorate old paint cans to use as a children’s desk accessory holder. Photo courtesy of: pokamamadoma.livejournal.com.

Use eyeglass cases for device wires

7. Do you have old glasses cases lying around your home? Put them to good use as storage for device plugs or earphones. This is a great idea for travelers. Photo courtesy of bestdiyideas.com.  

Store all of your store cards together

8. If you are like most of us, we have cards for every store. Keep them organized by punching a hole in one end and placing on a key chain. Photo courtesy of cookingatcafed.com.

DIY garage bag holder

9. Use a paper towel holder to hang garbage bags in your garage! Photo courtesy of listotic.com.  

Use an old cheese grater for an earring holder

10. Repurpose a cheese grater as an earring holder! It’s crafty and artsy! Photo courtesy of craftinspiration.tmblr.com.