Take their "Best Offer" and Run --- to ezStorage!

is the quality of a self storage operator’s website most likely indicative of the quality of their self storage facility? Yes! Definitely! So what should you look for when you Google “self storage Frederick” or “storage Frederick” and come upon a self storage operator’s website that, at least initially, seems appealing?

  • First --- will they show you their prices on all of their unit sizes, or do they try to “hook” you by just showing “Prices Starting at $xx.00”?
  • Second --- does that “Prices starting at” number appear enticingly low? Keep in mind; it’s for the smallest unit they’ve got and that’s all they want to show you!
  • Third --- do they make you fill out a “convenient” form just for the privilege of getting a quote?
  • Fourth --- do they expect you to reserve online without even giving you the courtesy of a “locked in” monthly rate?
  • Fifth --- do they guarantee to meet or beat any competitors’ prices even though they won’t show you their own prices?

If this is how they create that all important customer service “first impression”, imagine the level of customer service, not to mention the surprises, just waiting for you when you visit their self storage facility. And when they encourage you to compare their self storage facilities to any of their competitors and conveniently list those competitors for you on their website, immediately take advantage of their offer!  It’s almost guaranteed to be their “true” best offer. ezStorage’s goal is to deliver the best self storage experience in the industry. It starts with the initial customer contact when you visit our website or any one of our self storage facilities, and continues until our customers come back to us time and again. In fact, a substantial number of ezStorage tenants are folks who have previously stored with us, or who have been referred to us by our customers. We like it when our customers speak “volumes” about the ezStorage way!