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Storage for Military Personnel and Families

Military Storage | July 21, 2015

Storage For Military
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Moving is part of military life. Military families can relocate every two to four years, which is 2.5 times more often than civilian families. Military families learn to easily adapt and plan for any situation. Military personnel can be deployed or moved all over the world to over 900 bases in 150 countries worldwide. These assignments can happen on short notice requiring military members and their families to have to quickly put together a moving or deployment plan. Each branch of the military has special departments that will help with deployment and moving information and services for personnel and their families.

Military deployments can last anywhere from 6 months to over a year. If out-of-the-country assignments are for a year or more, it is recommended that soldiers without families store their personal items in a self storage unit during their time away. Storing items in military self storage units is a safe and economically viable option for military personnel during deployments or relocations. In fact, active military members rent up to 95% of available storage units near U. S. military bases. Military families can use self storage as a place to store items if they know that there are going to be frequent moves or if the housing in a new assignment will be much smaller than a past home. Many self storage facilities, including ezStorage, offer military discounts to active duty military personnel and can arrange auto pay arrangements while away for assignment.

Military Self Storage Solutions

The most important thing a solider needs to consider when renting a storage unit during deployment is deciding what items they will need to take with them during their assignment and what items can stay in storage. This is especially true for a deployment when soldiers cannot take very much with them. Storage units are great to store furniture, electronics and appliances. If you need military storage for an entire home or apartment, it might be a good idea to invest in a climate controlled storage unit to protect your items over long-term storage. Placing a vehicle in self storage during deployment is also a great idea. With the proper pre-storage preparations, the car will be ready for use when the soldier returns home. Soldiers can have peace of mind knowing that their items are protected by state-of-the-art security systems including video cameras, building and personalized gate access codes and individual storage unit alarms.

Military Bases Around Washington D.C.

Every branch of the United States military has bases located in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas. The Air Force has two bases, one located at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, home of the 11th Wing, in Washington D.C. and the second at Andrews Air Force Base near Camp Springs, Maryland. The Army has many facilities in the region including Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall comprised of Fort Myer, Fort McNair and the 3rd U.S. Infantry near Arlington, Virginia. Walter Reed Army Medical Center is located in Bethesda, Maryland servicing over 150,000 active and retired members of the military. Fort Meade is located in Columbia, Maryland. Fort Belvoir is located near Mount Vernon, Virginia and home to the Army’s major command center. There is also a research and testing facility in Aberdeen, Maryland and an Army Medicine Installation in Frederick, Maryland. The Navy and Marine Corps have bases in Virginia and Maryland. The Naval Academy is located in Annapolis, Maryland. The Naval Laboratory and Observatory facilities are located in Washington D.C. The Patuxent River Naval Air Station is located along the Chesapeake Bay near Lexington Park, Maryland. The Marine Corps Base at Quantico is used as a training facility and is the home of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. With the many bases and headquarters, there is always a need for storage for military families and single personnel.

A very special thanks to every member of the military past and present who have fought for and defended our freedoms!

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