Spring Cleaning Tips: Attic Cleaning and Organization

Attic OrganizationThe last area of the home on most people’s spring cleaning checklist is usually the attic. But even though this room is out of sight in many ways, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Attic cleaning is critical to maintaining an organized home throughout the year. It needs to be approached with the same attention to detail we had while spring cleaning our kitchen, bedrooms and garage. A clean and well-organized area will increase attic storage space and keep our items easily accessible when we need them most. Below are the most important attic cleaning and attic organization tips to help you get started.

Attic Cleaning Tips

The first step in an attic cleaning project to create the space you need is to thoroughly clean the floors, walls, ceilings and windows. To accomplish this, you can either remove all of the items from your attic temporarily, or consolidate those items into one confined area. After that, use a dust rag and damp cloth to dust the walls, window frames, and exposed rafters throughout the attic. After the dusting is complete, use a separate rag to wipe down all of the glass windows panes, doors and other hardware. After dusting, sweeping the floors is the final step. Broom sweep to remove any large pieces of debris, and then use a vacuum to clean as much of the dust and particles that remain as possible.

Attic Organization Tips

Before you place your items back into the attic, or remove them from the confined space they were previously staged during the cleaning process, take the time to designate what should be kept, trashed, donated or stored. This step in organizing the attic requires you to ask what you will actually need, what can get thrown away, what someone else could potentially use, and what might free up some precious space by being placed in a self-storage unit. Storing, donating or throwing away excess items will help maximize attic storage and attic organization. This will also help you move throughout your attic easier, making items accessible when you need them most.

After these four piles have been identified, be sure to store like items together in your attic. All of your Halloween decorations, for example, should be grouped in the same area as well as all of your winter coats and apparel. Your exterior Christmas lights or artificial Christmas tree might be a good example of the types of items that might do well to be placed in self-storage, among other seasonal items.

Storing Seasonal Items in a Self-Storage Unit

While you’re going through your attic organization process, consider placing seasonal items in a self-storage unit. This could really help your effort of maintaining attic organization throughout the year and free up additional space in your home. To help with this aspect of your spring cleaning project, consider ezStorage. In addition to moving and packing supplies that are great for storing like items together in your attic, we have a variety of unit sizes to fit any need at our 46 locations throughout the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. Stop by and ask our knowledgeable self-storage professionals how we can help you stay more organized throughout the year.