Self Storage for Sales Representatives

ezStorage has storage for sales representatives Self storage is a great option for businesses that are in need of extra storage for documents, files, equipment and inventory. Many different types of business use self storage for storing including contractors, pharmaceutical or medical equipment representatives, and retail stores. For a sales representative who works out of their home, placing samples and inventory in a self storage facility is a better option than cluttering up a home office or car. Most self storage facilities offer climate controlled storage units which will help protect samples and equipment from damage from extreme temperatures. Using this type of storage is very important for pharmaceutical or medical supply sales representatives. High temperatures and humidity could ruin the samples and warp the equipment. Using a self storage unit to store samples and additional inventory will help a sales representative keep a clean and organized home office. Choosing a self storage facility within a sales territory will make it easier for a sales representative to stop and get more samples and inventory and get back on the road. ezStorage has 45 locations in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia are. These locations offer a variety of storage unit sizes from 5x5 to 10x30. A larger storage unit would be a great place to set up work tables, shelving units and a shipping station if you need to ship out items to customers. If you only have a small amount of samples or inventory to store, then a 5x5 closet size storage unit would be the best choice. Most ezStorage locations will accept deliveries. ezStorage’s state-of-the-art video surveillance and computer access system will give a small business or sales representative the peace of mind knowing that their inventory will be safe while in storage. Sales Representatives can work long hours, so having a storage facility with longer access hours is a plus. ezStorage locations have computerized gate access from 6am to 9pm 7 days a week. Using self storage will help sales representatives focus more on  their sales quotas. Stop by your local ezStorage facility to find out how our storage facilities can help with your storage needs.