Seasonal Clothes Storage Tips for a More Organized Closet

As the cooler months of fall quickly approach, it’s time to start transitioning our wardrobes from light summery clothing, to heavier winter clothing. Taking the time to transition your wardrobe from summer to winter wear will result in a more organized closet. This may seem like a daunting task, but utilizing these tips can help to expedite the process.

Off-Season Clothes Storage Tips to Keep You Organized During the Winter Months

  1. Wash Your Clothes Before Storage: Before you store clothing, be sure to properly clean it. Any leftover stains on clothes will set in, or worse, turn to mold or mildew during storage. Another reason to thoroughly wash all clothes before storage is to remove them of any bodily oils. Bodily oils can attract moths or other vermin, damaging your clothing. Take the time to thoroughly clean your clothes to ensure they will be fresh and ready to be worn when they come out of storage.
  2. Sort Clothes into Designated Piles: When cleaning out your summer wardrobe, split your items into piles labelled “donate” “throw out” “keep” and “store”. Be honest with yourself when sorting your clothes. Items you didn’t wear over the last summer season, but are still in good wearable condition, should be given to a local donation center. Items that are too old, stained or damaged to be used by a donation center should be thrown out. Put a few heavier summer items that can be worn on the rare mild winter days aside in your closet, just in case. Shorts, tank tops, sandals, bathing suits and swim towels can be stored away for the next summer.
  3. Choose a Location that is Dry and Dark: Do not store your clothing in an atmosphere that is damp or in direct sunlight. Any moisture that is present can cause mold or mildew to form, ruining your clothes. Any direct sunlight can cause clothes to fade. Storing your summer clothes in a dark and dry location will keep them in the best shape.
  4. Consider Using Cedar Blocks: Moths and larvae can destroy clothes while they are in storage resulting in little holes in your expensive garments. Instead of fighting off moths and larvae with toxic mothballs, consider placing cedar blocks in your storage space. Cedar blocks are an effective, yet non-toxic alternative to moth balls.

Are You Looking for a Storage Option in Maryland or Virginia?

If you are looking for a safe and secure location to store your summer clothes that is also out of the way, consider utilizing a storage unit. A storage unit will prevent your summer clothes from cluttering your house, while keeping them in reach for when the seasons start to turn again. We offer storage units as small as 5x5 and 5X10, perfect for storing seasonal clothing and other items. Are you interested in learning how self storage can benefit you? Come tour one of our 47 locations today or contact us for our storage specials!