Retail Inventory and Self Storage

Retail inventory and self storage Self storage is a great solution for business storage from medical supply sales representatives to contractors to retail store owners. Self storage can assist retail store owners in running a successful and efficient business. Having a self storage unit for excess inventory and equipment will help streamline a business’s processes as well as keep the store’s inventory more organized.

Holiday Inventory for Retail Stores

The busy holiday season is fast approaching and now is the time to start preparing for the surplus inventory that will soon be arriving.  Fixtures, signage and seasonal decorations can take up vital sales floor space during the holiday months.  Mall kiosks will be popping up for the holiday season. These kiosks will need to have a place to store excess inventory. Self storage is an affordable and convenient way to store inventory, supplies, seasonal decorations, and fixtures during the holiday season as well as throughout the year. Self storage can cost less per square foot than traditional warehouse space. Instead of moving to a larger location for additional storage, consider renting a storage unit. Storage facilities have access hours before and after retail stores close, so inventory can be moved quickly and efficiently.  Self storage security is also an important factor in choosing where to store your retail inventory. Most facilities have gated and building access keypads, alarms on storage units and video surveillance cameras for added security providing the business the peace of mind that their inventory is in a secure space. Most storage facilities can also accept deliveries for the businesses.

 6 Tips for Retail Inventory Storage

1. Use a local self storage facility that is close to your retail location, so you will have quick and convenient access when you need to restock your retail inventory.

2. Choose the self storage unit that fits your surplus inventory needs. Make sure that there is enough room to walk-through your storage unit to retrieve, rotate and move items.

3. Depending upon the nature of the items being stored the best storage option to protect your inventory may be a climate controlled storage unit. This is especially true if you are storing inventory long-term.

4. Create an inventory list of the items that you have placed in storage. If you are keeping items in boxes, make sure to label the boxes with their content.  Add storage shelving to keep your inventory organized and off of the ground.

5. For retail clothing storage, do not store the clothing in plastic bags. The plastic traps moisture inside the bag, which can damage clothing. If retail inventory is shipped in plastic coverings, remove right away and store in unbleached muslin or between sheets of acid-free tissue paper. Also, do not hang clothes on wooden or wire hangers. These hangers tend to stretch out the neck of the item. Instead, hang the clothing on plastic hangers.

6. Keep fabric items away from light and heat sources. This is true for furniture and clothing as both can fade with exposure to direct light.

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