Restaurant and Catering Equipment Storage Solutions

Self Storage Solutions for Restaurants & Catering BusinessesSelf storage is an easy, safe and convenient way for businesses to store excess office equipment and document storage. The business storage solutions can run the gambit from office to retail to construction storage.  Retail stores can use self storage for excess inventory and fixture storage. Contractors can store their tools and equipment in self storage. Businesses can use self storage in a variety of ways from a simple storage unit to a storage unit that is set up specifically for document storage with filing cabinets or storage shelving.

Restaurants and catering businesses can also utilize a self storage unit to store excess equipment and supplies.  Most restaurants and catering businesses run out of storage room very quickly. They need to have a place to store their extra furniture, supplies, dishes, glassware and holiday displays.  A self storage unit is the easiest and most convenient solution for restaurant owners and catering businesses to store the items that they don’t have room for at their business location.  ezStorage has a variety of storage units sizes in both climate and non-climate controlled that are great for storing everything for the restaurant or catering industry.

Restaurant Equipment and Supply Storage

Restaurants can use a self storage unit to store excess equipment, chairs, tables or supplies including dishes, flatware and cutlery that they do not have room for in the actual restaurant building.  A self storage unit is ideal to store a restaurant’s outdoor patio furniture during the colder months. When storing patio furniture, stack the chairs whenever possible in order to utilize all the room in the storage unit. Restaurants can also store excess pots, pans, dishes and other restaurant equipment and appliances. Make sure that the dishes and glassware are wrapped and packed properly to prevent breakage during storage. Restaurants can also store holiday decorations in self storage to relieve the clutter in the restaurant. Store the holiday decorations toward the back of the storage unit until you need to use them again the next year.

Storing Commercial Catering Equipment and Supplies

Self storage is also great option for catering businesses, especially for caterers working out of their homes!  Most small businesses do not have the room to store excess inventory, furniture and other needed equipment.  The busiest seasons for caterers are the summer months as well as during the holiday season. During the “off-season”, caterers and party planners need a place to store their furniture, chairs, tables, decorations, dishes, glassware, silverware, serving utensils, pots, pans and linens. It is much more convenient to store these items together in a secured self storage unit. Caterers can rent a storage unit that is central to their business and their events to make it easier to pick up the supplies when they are needed.

For any business, but more so for those who need restaurant storage and catering storage,  it is important to keep a running inventory list in the storage unit as well as at your business of the items that you have in storage. This helps you keep track of what you have and what you might need for future engagements.