Real Customer Value in Self Storage

Whether you’re using self storage for personal belongings such as clothes and furniture, business items, or auto/RV/boat parking, taking the time to select the right self storage facility is essential to keeping your items safe and in good condition. When identifying a self storage facility, you should key in on certain criteria and establish certain expectations during your selection process.

Location and convenience are important. Determine how often you plan to access your self storage unit. If you plan to access it frequently, choose a self storage facility that is close by.

Identify self storage facilities which have a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs. A higher quality self storage facility will be staffed by true self storage “professionals” who are trained to work with you to review your storage needs and recommend unit sizes that meet your needs.

Look for a facility that provides great value, not just the cheapest price. Keep in mind, you will get exactly what you pay for but less than you expect if you shop price only! Lower-priced facilities may not offer managers who live on-site, climate-controlled units, every-door alarms, gates, coded entry systems and video surveillance systems. To ensure a self storage experience meeting your expectations, always factor in these important facility features to determine the true “price” of renting a unit and the real value you’re receiving.

Speak to friends, family members or neighbors to distinguish plain old self storage “operators” from true self storage “professionals”. There's a BIG difference! Compare the quality of their websites to determine who will provide you both the best value and the best customer experience. Self storage professionals pay special attention to detail including the information and features they provide on their website. They're proud of their facilities and not afraid to let you take a virtual tour before you take a physical tour.

Visit the self storage facility before you rent. Take a thorough tour and make sure you inspect a variety of unit sizes to fit your needs. Reputable facilities will have self storage professionals who will gladly (not reluctantly) give you a tour while providing you valuable storage advice. As you tour the facility, pay special attention to cleanliness, lighting, security and the professionalism of the staff.

Taking the time to select the right self storage facility will provide you with peace of mind. After all, you’re storing items of value to you. ezStorage is the only Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC self storage solution that will not only meet your expectations but will make every effort to exceed them!