Pros and Cons of Using a Cheap Storage Unit Rental

Dilapidated cheap storage unit rentals.While we like to think that we are your favorite self storage company, we know we have competitors. We know some competitors may be less expensive than us. But if you have considered using cheap self storage units in the past, you have probably wondered what was sacrificed in order to make that storage unit so inexpensive.

Pros of Using a Cheap Storage Unit

Cheap storage is what it sounds like, cheap. If you are looking to rent a storage unit merely to get items out of your house, and are not overly concerned with great service, cleanliness, safety and security, a cheap storage unit may work for you.

Cons of Buying a Cheap Storage Unit

The point of using a storage unit in the first place is to keep your items stored safely until it’s time to use them again. If you store with a cheap storage company who doesn’t value you or the items you are storing, that might not be the case. In a month, a few months, or however long you planned to store with the company, you could be more likely to find your items damaged or missing. In order to offer cheap storage unit rentals, a company has to cut corners somewhere—often at your expense. Security cameras that don’t monitor 24/7, or facilities that don’t offer quality gated access or don’t even have security cameras or restricted entry --- skimping on these important features is how they keep prices low.

The Benefits of Renting With ezStorage

At ezStorage, we value the security of your belongings. We know you care about your stuff too, so we take great pride in providing a storage facility that’s clean, safe and secure. Lighting on both the interior and exterior of all facilities will make you feel safer, and every tenant gets a unique code to enter our secure gate system. Many of our storage facilities have every door alarms with access controlled by only the tenant, and every ezStorage facility is equipped with 24-hour camera monitoring. Finally, on-site resident managers live at most of our facilities so if something does go wrong, they can act on it with unmatched speed.

Choose a Storage Company that Values Your Items

Choose a storage company that puts the security of your belongings at the forefront. We have 47 state-of-the-art storage locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. Do you have further questions about renting a storage unit? Find a location close to you or contact ezStorage today!