2017 President’s Day Events in Washington D.C.

Washington DC Presidents Day Events and ActivitiesThe third Monday in February, President’s Day, is almost here. On February 20th, the U.S. federal government observes Washington’s Birthday. Many state governments have different official names including Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday (as President Lincoln was born on February 12th) and the more inclusive President’s Day which is used to honor several or all who have served as the leader of our country.

Let’s take a look at some of the holiday festivities you can enjoy around the Washington D.C. area on President’s Day 2017.

President’s Day 2017 in DC

President’s Day is a wonderful time to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC. A number of exhibits are dedicated to the leaders who shaped our country’s birth and growth including the White House copy of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, excellent views of the Washington Monument and other landmarks located on the National Mall, activities for your little ones, performances and much more. You can find the museum at 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.

The National Portrait Gallery features paintings of our Presidents (and others) who were influential in our country’s development. You can also learn more about our past leaders through the Portrait Gallery’s performances and new media presentations. There is a Family Day event planned for February 18th at 8th and F Streets NW.

You can also see and interact with Presidents of the past and present at Madame Tussauds Washington DC. With likenesses that you can see, hear and touch at 1025 F Street NW, the family will enjoy this up close and personal look at our Commanders in Chief.

Nearby Washington DC President’s Day Activities

In Mount Vernon, Virginia, you can participate in George Washington’s birthday celebration at 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway. All weekend long, there will be wreath laying ceremonies, musical performances, 18th century dancing demonstrations and even birthday cake!

Visit Alexandria for a reenactment of a Revolutionary War skirmish on February 19th. The Fort Ward Museum will feature demonstrations throughout the day at 4401 West Braddock Road.

Alexandria also hosts the George Washington Birthday Parade on Monday, February 20th. Both the largest and oldest parade celebrating our first president, the route runs for one mile through the streets of Old Town (primarily along Royal and Fairfax). You’ll see historical figures and modern day groups featuring bands, community groups, horses and dogs all marching together.

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