Packing Tips for Self Storage

Moving Tips ezStorage wants to make your storage experience ez! Check out our website resources tab for articles, infographics and videos to make it easier for you to store your belongings at ezStorage. After you have chosen a local storage facility and your unit size, the next thing you should do is properly pack your items for storage as well as properly pack your storage unit. Self storage is a great solution to store seasonal items and decorations, lawn equipment, appliances, dishes and kitchen ware, cars, boats, motorcycles and RV’s just to name a few items. If you follow some simple packing and storage tips then you will be able to optimize the space in your storage unit.

Packing Tips

1. Make sure that you have the proper packing materials and supplies before you start packing. It is important to have sturdy boxes in multiple sizes, packing tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap or blank newsprint and furniture covers. ezStorage has a variety of packing and moving supplies available at every one of our storage locations.

2. Place heavier items like books and documents in smaller boxes. Place books flat in the box to help prevent damage to the book’s spine.

3. Use larger boxes for linens, pillows, and lamp shades.

4. Properly pack dishes and glasses by  wrapping them in newsprint or bubble wrap and then placing them in layers in the box. Add filler material in the box for added protection.

5. Do not make the boxes too heavy to lift and carry. Boxes should not weigh over 30 pounds as that could make it more difficult to lift as well as possibly crushing other boxes.

6. Label every box with a list of contents. Also, if the box contents are breakable, mark the boxes as “Fragile”.  This is guaranteed to be a time saver when you’re unpacking and looking for something you need immediately.

7. Securely seal every box with packing tape.

8. Take apart bed frames and tables. Attach plastic bags to the legs to hold the hardware and smaller pieces.  

Packing Tips for a Storage Unit

1. Utilize all vertical space in the storage unit by placing furniture, such as couches and mattresses, on end. Stack dining room and kitchen chairs to give added storage space.

2. Stack like-size boxes together with the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes on top.

3. Utilize all empty spaces in drawers, shelves and appliances (after they are totally cleaned out.).

4. Bundle garden tools, rakes, shovels and brooms together in a garbage can.

5. Leave an aisle or walkway in your storage unit, so you can access items easier.

6. Place the items that you will need to access more frequently in the front of the storage unit.

7. Use furniture covers to protect wood furniture while in storage. Also use mattress covers.

8. Create a list of the items you are storing. If possible, make a map of the storage unit, so you know where to find things when you are in need of them.

For more tips see our packing and storage tips information. The ezStorage blog is also another great resource for packing and storage tips.