Our Landscaping

I visit our ezStorage self storage facilities frequently, so it's easy to take for granted the beautiful, well manicured landscaping at each of our self storage locations. Does it really matter that ezStorage maintains its landscaping to a very high standard? Absolutely! The landscaping and the exteriors of our facilities are held to the same high standard as the interiors of our buildings. So, our customers are greeted by landscaping which is well maintained, and as soon as they enter any one of our self storage facilities, it's confirmed --- we pay attention to every detail. In fact, many of our customers immediately take notice and comment on our cleanliness, from the floors to the windows, to the compound and loading lobby, to the individual self storage units, and yes, particularly to the bathrooms. At ezStorage, we believe the message and tone we set on the outside should convey throughout the entire self storage facility. We're glad that many of our competitors don't share our belief! The landscaping photos below were recently taken during a site visit to one of our Baltimore City self storage locations, our ezStorage in Ashburton.