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Breaking Down 3 Common Options for Senior Living

Storage for Seniors | February 14, 2019

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Breaking Down 3 Common Options for Senior Living

As your mom and dad age, you may start to grow concerned about them living alone. Maybe they aren’t able to maneuver around their home as well, or maybe you are starting to grow concerned about their nutrition. Or, maybe your mom or dad has simply expressed that they are looking for a smaller home. If this sounds familiar, you may be looking for another living option tailored to your mom or dad’s need.

When it comes to choosing the best senior care option for your mom or dad, it is important to evaluate both the care needed and their budget. Different options will offer different levels of care, and it is important to determine what your mom or dad’s care priorities are. The price will also vary as the amount of care required increases.

Evaluating 3 Options for Senior Living

But how do you know which care option is best for their situation? In this post, we broke down different senior living opportunities.

1. Retirement Communities

Independent living communities, or retirement communities, come in many different shapes and forms. Tenants are able to choose from living options like apartments, condos, mobile homes and single-family households. At retirement communities, tenants will be able to enjoy different amenities like pools, a golf course, gyms and more. This kind of living situation is perfect for someone who can still care for his or herself but is just looking for a smaller home and a more active and social lifestyle.

2. Residential Care Homes

A residential care home offers more personalized care to its residents. Generally, this type of living option takes in less residents, allowing the staff and tenants to develop more of a personal relationship. At a residential care home, residents will receive meal services and assistance with day-to-day activities. This kind of option is perfect for someone who wants to stay in more of an at-home setting but requires assistance throughout the day.

3. Continuing Care Retirement Community

A continuing care retirement community, or CCRC, offers multiple levels of care all at the same campus. While most senior living facilities only offer two levels of care, a CCRC usually provides at least three. For example, a CCRC might offer memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, independent living, memory care and assisted living. A continuing care retirement community not only helps prevent residents from having to transfer from campus to campus are their health changes, it also allows spouses with different care requirements to stay together.

A Storage Unit Rental Can Help to Ease the Transition

When everything else is changing for your mom or dad, it’s helpful to hold onto as many mementos from their past home as possible. Unfortunately, when downsizing, it may not be possible to fit everything that once fit in their own home in their new home. A storage unit rental allows you to hold onto seasonal decorations, favorite pieces of furniture, out of season clothing and other memories until they’re needed again.

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Breaking Down 3 Common Options for Senior Living

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