New Year’s Resolutions to Be Healthy, Fit and Organized

NBC4 Health Fitness ExpoWelcome to 2015! Have you set and started your resolutions yet?  The first week is the hardest week to keep focused on your New Year’s resolutions. According to Statistic Brain, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions with 75% of those keeping to the resolutions during the first week, but by 6 months, only 46% of those actually kept up their resolutions!  The number one resolution in the Statistic Brain poll was losing weight with number five being staying fit and healthy. You can actually learn more about fulfilling these resolutions this weekend by attending the NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo. Once you have developed a plan and have the fitness and sporting equipment needed for your lifestyle, then you will need a place to store these items when not in use for an extended period of time! That is where self storage comes into play!

2015 Health & Fitness Expo

NBC4 is sponsoring the 2015 Health & Fitness Expo January 10th to 11th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. The Health and Fitness Expo is the largest health and wellness event in the Washington D.C. area. The free health expo offers the latest information on fitness and health from hundreds of exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations. There will be health screenings, healthy fun family oriented activities, live exercise classes, including Zumba and dance classes, and healthy cooking demonstrations.

There will be healthy-living forums and seminars led by health exports during the Health and Fitness Expo in Washington D.C. The seminars include the wide-ranging topics such as diabetes care, post-traumatic stress, managing stress and coping with burnout, weight loss journeys and memory loss.  This year, the Health Expo welcomes three special guests for presentations: Meredith Vieira, Cynthia Bailey and Michelle Singletary.

Storing Sport and Fitness Equipment

After visiting and learning about great health and fitness ideas at the Health Expo in Washington DC, it is time to put your resolutions into action. Do you want to take exercise classes? Buy exercise equipment for your home? Create a work-out room in your home? Participate in a favorite sport?  All of these questions will require re-organization plans, time and money. You will need to know how to properly store your sporting and fitness equipment as well as find the perfect home for the equipment when not in use for extended periods of time.  You can create a gym or workout room in your home, if you have the space. The basement or mudrooms are also great places to store your fitness equipment. But, where can you store items when not in use or if they are seasonal type items? Self storage is a great home storage solution for storing your sports and fitness equipment outside of your home.

When placing your fitness or sports equipment in a storage unit, make sure that it is properly cleaned before storing. Keep weights stored on a rack with the lighter weights on top and the heavier weights on the bottom. Cover the weight rack with a canvas cover to prevent dust accumulation. Self storage is also a great place to store elliptical or treadmills when they are not in use. These fitness machines should also be covered with a canvas during long-term storage. Fitness equipment can be rotated in your storage unit for seasonal use. Storing sporting equipment in a self storage unit during their “off” seasons is a great way to relieve the home of some clutter. Hockey or lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, gloves and other equipment that you do not need year round can be stored in your storage unit. ezStorage offers a wide variety of storage unit sizes to store your fitness and sports equipment. Stop in to any of our 46 locations to find out how we can help with your storage needs!