Mummies of the World Comes to Baltimore

Mummies of the World photo courtesy of Maryland Museum of Science

The mummies have recently taken over the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. The Mummies of the World exhibit is the largest exhibition of mummies and related articles assembled in one place. This show has been to cities across the United States and is now making a 4 month stop in Baltimore. The artifacts for the exhibit come from around the world including countries in Asia, Oceania, South America and Europe as well as ancient Egyptian mummies dating back over 6500 years. Many well-known museums and organizations all contributed to this once in a lifetime exhibit.

The exhibit displays the use of modern science to explore the world of mummies and mummification. Visitors can learn how mummies were created and how researchers are currently studying mummies. There are displays of ancient mummies and relatively new 18th century mummies. There is an exhibit of the oldest mummy infant which was found in Peru dating back to 4504 to 4457 B.C. There is also a presentation of an entire family that was mummified in the 18th century, as well as many examples of mummified animals. It does sound a bit creepy, but this is a great lesson to see how past cultures and civilizations lived and died! Through the use of 3-D animation and state-of-the-are scientific methodology, today’s researchers can study mummies in non-invasive ways. The exhibit explains these processes as well as giving hands on displays on how mummies are created and discovered.

The Maryland Science Center,  the host of the Mummies of the World exhibit, is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The Science Center is part of the Maryland Academy of Sciences, which is one of the oldest scientific institutions in the United States, dating back to 1797. After having many homes over the past 200 years, the Academy purchased land on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and built the current Science Center in 1976. There have been many expansions since then, including the addition of an IMAX theater in 1987 and renovation in 2004 to make the facility a vital part of the community and an economic resource for the city. The museum hosts many traveling shows and exhibits and features a planetarium, hands-on science exhibits and learning experiences for the entire family.

The Mummies of the World exhibit at the Maryland Science Center opened September 28th and runs through January 20, 2014. There are special timed tickets for the event. You can find out more ticket information via the website.