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Moving with Children: How to Help Your Child Cope with A Household Move

Moving | June 15, 2018

Parents moving with kids into their new home
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Moving into a new home is a very exciting time, but not all of your family members may see it that way. Depending on the age of your children, you may receive different reactions to the move. While you may not be able to change how your children react to the news of moving, you can make it as easy on them as possible. Try out these tips for helping your children cope with the move!

The Top Tips for Moving with Kids

  1. Give Your Children Time to Process: There is a fine balance between giving your kids enough time to process the news, but not too much that they start to worry about the changes ahead. Break the news to young children about a month before your move. For older children who are more aware of things, plan on breaking the news as soon as you know the move is going to happen.
  2. Listen: Your kids will likely be sad because it means they’re leaving their school and friends. Listen to what they’re saying and reassure them of the positives of the move. Yes, they will be leaving their friends at school, but they’ll make new friends and even see their old friends on the weekends.
  3. Visit the New House: The unknown can be scary. Letting your children tour their new home before your move in can take away some of the unknown. When you’re touring your new home, drive your kids around the town and point out exciting things that will be a part of their new life. For example, their new school, movie theater and a local restaurant.
  4. Take Care of Yourself: If you’re moving day is rapidly approaching, it may be tempting to pull some late nights in order to get the work done. A lack of sleep can lead to short tempers, and a short temper will make things more difficult for your children. Take a deep breath, get enough sleep and understand that your children will likely require more patience from you during this time.
  5. Give Your Children Some Control: Let your children have control over as much about the move as possible. For example, let your children choose the color of their new room and how they want to decorate the walls.
  6. Keep Familiar Items: Make changes to their room as slowly as possible. Keep familiar items like furniture, wall decorations, sheets and comforter for as long as possible. After your children have settled more into their new bedroom, you can make small and slow changes if you prefer.

A Self Storage Unit Can Help

Make your next move easier with a storage unit rental. A self storage unit rental can give you more space in your home by allowing you to store items that have already been packed until they’re needed on moving day. ezStorage has plenty of storage units available throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. to help make your next move simple. Find a nearby ezStorage facility today.

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