Moving Seniors into a Downsized Home or Assisted Living Facility

Relocating seniors into a smaller home or assisted living facility can be challenging. When moving into an assisted living facility, besides all of the emotions involved with leaving a home, there comes the question of what to do with their belongings. A lifetime of belongings, suitable for a family sized home, will simply not fit in an assisted living facility. 

3 Top Tips for Relocating Seniors into a Downsized Home 

  1. Try Not Make the Executive Decision: The most important rule when downsizing a senior is to respect their wishes for what is kept and what gets thrown out. Moving into an assisted living facility can be a very stressful and confusing time for a senior. Help make the transition easier by allowing seniors to keep items that mean the most to them.
  2. If Possible, Let the Senior Identify Sentimental Items: Arguably the most important thing to keep is sentimental items. Sentimental items will help the senior feel at home in their new home. If space is limited in their downsized home, instead of throwing out sentimental items, and if appropriate, store them in a storage unit. When trying to decide what to throw out or keep, a storage unit can be a smart middle ground or temporary staging area.
  3. Store all Seasonal Items, Including Clothing: Seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations and any out of season clothing should not be kept in the downsized home or senior living facility. To best take advantage of the limited space, these items can be stored. This is a good way to get items not often needed, out of the house and in a safe and secure location.

Something often not considered when downsizing a senior, but many families and seniors have found helpful, is utilizing a self storage unit. At ezStorage, we take the security of your belongings very seriously. Your senior can have peace of mind knowing their storage unit is safe and secure. Is your senior worried about not being able to get to their items, when they’re needed? ezStorage has convenient gate access hours to accommodate almost any need. 

Do you Have Questions About Storing a Senior’s Items? Contact Us! 

We have a variety of different sizes of storage units, ideal for storage for seniors. Whether they are looking to only store a few items, or a houseful of furniture, ezStorage has a variety of unit sizes to support them. Do you have additional questions? Contact us!