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Moving and Storage Go Hand-in-Hand

| August 14, 2015

Storage Boxes
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The end of the busy moving season will soon be upon us, but that doesn’t mean “moving” will stop. There is constant movement of people moving across town or across the country. Military families usually move every 2 years! After the first or second move, military families become pros at how to pack, what to store and how to move.  Moving takes a lot of patience and a lot of planning. When planning a move it is important to be as organized as possible. Start planning the move as soon as you know that you are moving by starting to select moving companies and starting to gather moving supplies. The more organized you are, the easier moving day will be.  One way to help with organization and to help reduce the stress of moving day is to rent a storage unit.

Moving and Storage Units

There are many ways that renting a storage unit will be extremely helpful during a move. If you are staging a home for sale, then renting a storage unit is a great option to place your excess items to reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Potential buyers want to see a neutral room, so they can envision their belongings in the room. Packing excess items for home staging also helps jumpstart the moving process.  There are many reasons to downsize a home from empty nesters needing less room to seniors moving to a smaller home. Also, storage space may be limited in a new home, which makes renting a storage unit more vital.  If couples are moving in together and combining households, renting a storage unit is a great solution for storing duplicate furniture, kitchen items and electronics until there is a time to decide to sell or donate the items. Lastly, moving belongings to storage in stages can lessen the stress of moving day.

Tips for Moving to Storage

Coordinating moving your belongings to a self storage unit will require being prepared. Below are a few tips to help strategize moving and storing household items at a storage unit:

  • Before you even get to moving day, you need to choose the right storage facility for your storage needs. Start researching storage units in your area (or the area that you are moving to) as soon as possible. Visit the facilities to help determine the storage unit size that you will need for your items.
  • Check the storage facilities for security measures such as video surveillance and key-pad gated or building access.
  • As you start packing, put aside the items that will be going to a storage unit. If you need help visualizing the amount of storage space, “stage a storage unit” in your home. Tape off the size of the storage unit in your home and place everything that will be going to the storage unit in that space.
  • It is vital that every box is labeled with contents. Also label if the box is going to storage or on the moving truck. Keep a detailed inventory of the items that are going to both places. Leave a copy of the inventory list in the storage unit for reference.
  • If you are moving everything in one day, determine if you are moving to the storage unit first or last. This will dictate where you place the items that you want to store on the moving truck.

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