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5 Reasons to Consider Living in a Co-Living Community

Moving | April 18, 2019

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It’s no mystery that living in a major city like Washington, DC can be expensive. But, did you know that there’s a new living concept that can actually be more affordable? This concept is called co-living. So, what is co-living? And why is it a good option for me? Keep reading this article to find out!

What is Co-Living?

Co-living is a new housing concept where residents not only share a living space, but also a set of interests. Generally, in order to be considered for this housing option each member has to apply and meet certain qualifications. The demographics for co-living are usually young professionals between the ages of 20 and 30.

5 Benefits of Living in a Co-Living Space

  • Make new friends: One of the main benefits of living in a co-living community is that unlike a traditional apartment building, you really get to know your neighbors. While some areas of the home are private, there are still some shared living spaces. This will allow you to interact with and get to know your neighbors better.
  • More amenities than a traditional living option: When you live in a co-living community, you have access to more features and amenities than you would at a typical apartment or other living option. Co-living communities will often have gyms, movie theaters, transportation, stocked household supplies and more.
  • The ability to collaborate with other residents: When co-living communities are created, the goal is to group together like-minded individuals. This means, that if your goal has always been to start your own company, you may be placed with other individuals that also share the same dream. This can help you to grow and work together.
  • Save money: As you know, living on your own in a major city can be very expensive. Co-living provides an easy and affordable solution without cutting back on the amenities or living condition.
  • Balance social with privacy: One of the best parts about co-living is you get a balance between privacy and social. If you want to just relax in your room by yourself, you’re able to. If you want to be social, you can hang out in the shared rooms.

A Self Storage Unit Can Help with Living in a Co-Living Space!

Have you decided co-living is the living option for you? When you live in a co-living community, there’s a chance that it may be a downsize from the living option you came from. With a storage unit rental, this doesn’t have to be a concern! A storage unit rental will help you stay neat and organized by allowing you to store seasonal or unneeded items in a location close to your home.

ezStorage has storage units in major co-living cities, including Washington DC and Baltimore, MD. With so many popular storage unit sizes to choose from, including the 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage unit, we make self storage a breeze! Reserve a storage unit with ezStorage today!

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