Learn How to Move and Store Living Room Furniture

Moving couches, recliners, coffee tables, bookshelves and other living room furniture requires proper planning. If you pull the moving van up to your front door and just start piling items in on moving day at random, you will end up costing yourself time and money. It’s important to follow a moving day checklist and understand best practices for moving a couch, bookshelves and other items. Through a series of three easy steps, the How to Move and Store Your Living Room Furniture Infographic below provides best practices to make your next move a success.

Moving a Couch Begins with Cleaning

It’s important to clean your couch, recliner and other furniture before packing those items and placing them in storage. We recommend using old sheets or blankets to cover and protect your couch during the move. Best practices also anticipate preparing space in your home for transporting your furniture in and out, which is also identified in our infographic.

Preparing for Transport

We also recommend you prepare your items and home to be able to transport your living room furniture efficiently on moving day. This informative step-by-step infographic details how to move recliners, bookcases and other living room furniture by first breaking down each item before being placed into the moving van. We also outline steps you can take within your home to prepare space for your move that will save time and money with moving van rentals and labor fees.

Furniture Storage Tips

You always want to think about two important things when you are moving couches and other living room furniture: how to move furniture into the storage unit while saving space, and how to store furniture in a way so that it remains accessible within the storage unit. We’ve outlined best practices for both, and by following these step-by-step tips for moving a couch, bookshelves, coffee tables and recliners you will be on your way to a successful moving day.

Furniture Storage Solutions

If you have any self-storage questions about how to move and store furniture throughout your home, our friendly ezStorage staff is happy to help. Visit any of the 45 ezStorage locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas to learn more about how we can assist. We have a wide variety of sizes of storage units that would be great for your couches, recliners, bookcases, tables along with moving and packing supplies to help you with your move. We’re looking forward to saving you time and money on your next move and storage experience so stop by today.

Best Way to Move Living Furniture