How to Move & Store a Pool Table

Moving A Pool TableIf you will be moving a pool table and placing it in storage, there are a few steps you need to take to not only make the moving process a bit easier, but also to ensure you keep your pool table damage-free. These steps are especially important if you’ll be moving it yourself.

How to Move a Pool Table

Moving a pool table will require a complete disassembly of the table along with using some muscle power! First of all, consult the manual that came along with your pool table to ensure you’re following the proper procedures for your brand or style of table. Then, make sure you enlist a few friends to help you move this heavy, bulky and wide item. You’ll also need some tools before you begin the process; a staple puller, a set of flat head screwdrivers, a socket wrench, power drill, and safety goggles. You should also plan on having some packing materials like bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing tape and sealable plastic bags for the small pieces.

Here are the proper steps to take before your attempt at moving a pool table:

  • Remove the pockets. The six side pockets will be attached with staples or screws, so use the staple puller or screwdriver to unfasten them. Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles to protect your eyes from potentially flying small parts.
  • Disengage the rails. Use a socket wrench to loosen the bolts holding in the rails, then slide them out gently with some assistance from friends, placing the rails on a moving blanket for safe transport. Keep all the bolts, screws, nuts and other small pieces sealed together in a plastic bag.
  • Take off the felt. Removing the felt is a very delicate process, unless you’ll be replacing it after the move. The felt will either be stapled to the pool table or glued in place. Carefully remove the staples to release it, or pull the felt up very gently in a backward motion if it’s glued on. Try not to stretch it or pull on it, as it will lose its shape easily. Fold the felt carefully once you have gotten it up off the table.
  • Remove the slate. Removing the slate is where your helpers will really come into play. The slate may be in one to three pieces and can weigh a total of around 800 pounds! The slate will be screwed down and needs to be removed with a power drill. Again, keep all the screws and pieces together in a plastic bag. Once the screws have been removed, use the combined strength of your helpers to lift the slate off the frame and set it down on a moving blanket.
  • Remove the frame and legs. Finally, the last step before moving a pool table is flipping it over to remove each leg from the frame, as well as any other detachable pieces.

Once the pool table is completely disassembled, it is ready to be moved. Wrap up all the larger pieces in the moving blankets, individually wrapping each slate, rail, leg and frame and secure them with packing tape. It’s important to be very cautious when placing the slate on the moving truck, too. Use an appliance dolly to help get it up the loading ramp, and if there is more than one slate they can be stacked once on board.

How to Store a Pool Table

Now that you know how to move a pool table, the next step is knowing how to store a pool table properly. First of all, you should consider renting a climate controlled self storage unit for your pool table, as the constant temperature will ensure the wood will not warp or buckle.

Place plastic sheeting on the floor of your storage unit and lay the slate on top of it, covering each individual piece with more plastic adhered with packing tape before stacking the next piece on top (if there was more than one piece of slate). Keep the other elements of the pool table wrapped in the moving blankets and set them on top of the slate- the frame, legs and pockets. The felt should be kept folded neatly in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from damage. Finally, keep the bags of screws, nuts and bolts with the table parts so you’ll have everything ready to go for reassembly.

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