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What to Look for in a Home Inspector

| February 27, 2020

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Before purchasing your dream house, it’s essential to get a home inspector to look at the property. While the average home buyer might not be able to tell if there’s structural damage or damage to the interior plumbing, a home inspector can. They can also keep an eye out for any concerns that may lead to you paying an arm and a leg down the road. Read below for essential tips for hiring a home inspector.

How to Hire a Home Inspector in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Ask for recommendations: The best way to ensure you’ll have a great experience with your home inspector is to ask for referrals. If you’ve had a friend buy a house recently, ask them for a home inspector referral. Additionally, if you trust your realtor, consider asking them for a referral.
  2. Check credentials: Before hiring a home inspector, check to make sure they have the proper credentials. For further peace of mind, choose a home inspector that has a certification from one of the major home inspector associations.
  3. Consider asking for a post-contract inspection: While in many instances the buyer and the seller are already signed into a contract by the time the home inspection happens, in some areas, this isn’t standard. This is risky for the buyer, as the seller can easily pull out of the sale if they get a better offer. It’s a good idea to sign a contact ahead of the home inspection with the contingency that the buyer can pull out if the inspector finds any serious issues.
  4. Inspect the house yourself: Take a tour of the house yourself and keep an eye out for anything you want to point out to the home inspector. When you meet with your home inspector, ask them about your concerns and see if they specialize in that type of inspection. If they’re unqualified, you may need to hire another professional to inspect these areas.
  5. Choose someone with insurance: It’s important to choose a home inspector that’s insured. If at any point during the process they injure themselves, they may try and hold either you or the homeowner liable for their injuries.
  6. Be present for the inspection: Once you’ve picked your home inspector, request to be present for the process. As you’re walking through the house, a home inspector can point out anything they don’t see being an immediate problem, but to keep an eye on.

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