How to Store Vintage Video Game Systems

How to Store Vintage Video GamesWhether you started with Pong on a Magnavox Odyssey or Halo on the original Xbox, if you’re a gamer, you may have an old console or two in the closet, basement or attic. The machines that power your gaming experience need a certain level of care to make it through the toughest boss fight of them all – time.

Video Game Console Storage Ideas

The past few generations of consoles produce a fair amount of heat. Store any video game systems that still get play time in a well-ventilated area, and maintain as much separation as possible between all heat-generating electronics.

Another good general rule is to keep your consoles and other electronics at least one-to-two inches away from surfaces that can seal off air vents. There are many entertainment stands and shelving options that allow for good airflow. Try to keep these areas dust-free as the tiny particles can combine to do serious damage to your entertainment devices. You should also avoid operating your consoles on carpet or rugs.

Depending on just how vintage your systems are, you may be able to get away with storing them in closer quarters. Check the owner’s manual to be on the safe side. If your copy is lost (or just in another castle), don’t worry. A handy PDF version is at your fingertips with the help of your favorite search engine.

If you will be putting away the console for an extended period of time, you should think twice before stashing them in the basement or attic. Consoles of all generations struggle with extreme heat, cold and humidity. Try to find an area in the house or apartment where they can be safely kept away from those elements.

Video Game Storage Ideas

While digital distribution is catching on with modern consoles, many people still enjoy having a physical collection of discs, cartridges, manuals and cases. If your collection is older, chances are you already have quite a few. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to keep them from cluttering up your room.

Shelves aren’t just for books. You can use them to showcase your prized gaming pieces. Or, consider custom-made storage cases, devices and shelving systems specifically made for video games and DVD or Blu-Ray style cases. If you have an entertainment center with closed off areas like cabinets, it’s better to reserve those for your cartridges and discs as they don’t need room to breathe.

With the right tools and skills, you can convert old furniture like dressers, nightstands, cabinets and more into custom-made solutions that fit your collection. Or take advantage of the best box art, and decorate the walls with mounted video game storage. You can condense the amount of space needed for disc-based games with CD/DVD binders--disposing of the original cases or storing them somewhere more long-term.

Long-Term Storage for Video Games and Consoles

When your vintage video game collection grows a little too large for your home, ezStorage can help. Many of our facilities offer climate-controlled storage units that can help protect your collection from wide fluctuations in the weather. Talk to one of our managers at any of our self-storage locations near you.