How to Store Outdoor Furniture and Cushions to Keep Them Safe During the Winter

The warm summer days are dwindling down, and so is patio season. If you have spent many summer nights lounging outside, having cookouts and looking at the stars, you know the value of your patio furniture. Protecting your patio furniture during the long winter nights to come will increase the longevity of your furniture, giving you more summer nights to look forward to.

Storing Outdoor Furniture

When storing outdoor furniture, it is important to:

  • Check Manufacturer Approved Instructions
  • Wash All Furniture and Cushions
  • Allow All Furniture and Cushions Time to Dry
  • Store Your Items in a Dry Location

Best Practices for Storing Outdoor Furniture

1. Check Manufacturer Approved Instructions: All patio furniture is made differently. Before following the advice in this post, check the tag on your furniture to find the manufacturer’s recommendations for storing your furniture. Patio furniture can be made with a variety of materials and the manufacturer should be able to advise you on the best care for your specific furniture.

2. Wash All Furniture and Cushions: Before storing your furniture, make sure it is clean. Dirt, mud and food left on furniture can rot or form mold or mildew while in storage, ruining your furniture. Metal and wooden furniture can be scrubbed with a solution of detergent and water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the furniture to ensure all detergent has washed off. If rust is present on metal furniture, treat it with a primer before storage. If wooden furniture needs repainted, take care of it before storage. Furniture cushions should also be washed before storage. If the outer cover of the cushion can be put in a washing machine, do so on a light cycle.

3. Allow All Furniture and Cushions Time to Dry: Give your furniture and cushions ample time to dry. Storing wet furniture or furniture cushions will result in mold or mildew forming on your furniture and cushions.

4. Store Your Items in a Dry Location: If you don’t cover your furniture and cushions and store them in a dry location all of your hard work will go to waste. Store your outdoor furniture and cushions in a garage or shed. If you don’t have room in your garage or shed, consider storing your outdoor furniture in a storage unit.

Do You Need Somewhere to Store Your Outdoor Furniture?

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