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How to Store Hand and Power Tools

How To | February 26, 2019

Storing Power Tools
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Most people have a variety of tools at their home from small hand tools like screwdrivers or wrenches to large power tools usually found in workshops or tool shops. Tools are stored all around the home from the basement to the garage, but if not stored properly, they can rust and break. Hand and power tools have different requirements for care and storage.

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Hand and Power Tool Storage Ideas

To keep these tools safe and in good working condition, where and how should they be stored? Most people will keep their tools in their home in the basement, in a workshop or in the garage. There are many different home tool storage ideas from DIY solutions to expensive storage cabinets that you can find at your local hardware store. A handy way to keep tools stored at home is to hang peg boards on the walls of your work room, in the garage or basement. This will keep tools off the floor and organized. For smaller tools and accessories, use a drawer storage system to protect from dust.

1. Power Tool Storage Rack

If you are in a crunch for space, a power tool storage rack is a smart solution for keeping your power tools organized. A power tool storage rack will also display your power tools so you won’t waste precious time fumbling around looking for the right tool.

2. Power Tool Storage Cabinet

If you are looking to keep your power tools neat and organized in your garage or tool shed, consider buying or making a power tool storage cabinet. Some power tool storage cabinets even come with the capabilities of charging your tools.

3. Hang Tools or Use Tool Storage Drawers

A handy way to keep tools stored at home is to hang peg boards on the walls of your work room, in the garage or basement. This will keep tools off the floor and organized. For smaller tools and accessories, use a drawer storage system to protect from dust.

How to Prepare and Store Tools

In order to keep tools in good working condition during storage, there are some basic preparatory steps that should be taken. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specifics on how to store power or hand tools. It is important to follow the cleaning and storage instructions, especially for larger power tools such as power saws or drills.

1. Clean Tools After Each Use

To keep tools tidy, clean them after each use. Wipe down with a rag or towel to be sure that they are free of dirt, grease and debris. If the tools need extra care, clean every metal surface with an approved solution and scrape away any soil and dirt. Completely dry the tool with a towel or rag before it is placed in storage. Power tools should have all surfaces cleaned and completely dry before storage. Spray lubricant on all metal surfaces.

2. Dispose of Any Broken or Defective Tools

As you do your cleaning, check for damage or defects. If the tool cannot be repaired, then throw it away. Do not leave it to clutter up extra space.

3. Use Metal Protectant Spray on All Metal Parts

Coat the metal parts of the tools with a lubricant metal protector spray.

4. Never Store Tools Near the Ground

Do not place tools directly on the ground for storage. Place small hand and power tools on shelving.

5. Get Creative with Storage Options

Store short-handled tools in a plastic bin or box. Tie together long-handled tools in a garbage can while in storage. Otherwise hang these tools on a wall.

If you are storing tools in self storage, place small tools in plastic bins. Organize like-sized tools together in a bin. Plastic bins provide an added layer of protection. The bins are also easy to stack and carry from the storage unit to a truck to a construction site.

6. Make a List of All Items that are Stored

Make sure to label the boxes with its contents so you will be able to find the tool when you need it. Keep an inventory list of the tools that you have and where they are stored.

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