How to Store Halloween Costumes

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It is hard to believe that Halloween has already come and gone for the year. Halloween continues to be the fastest growing consumer holiday as each year, more money is spent on costumes, decorations and candy for Halloween celebrations.  According to Forbes, consumers will have spent nearly $7 billion on Halloween this year.  An average consumer will have spent $74 on costumes, candy or decorations.  This trend will continue to grow. People across the world celebrated Halloween in many different ways from handing out candy, decorating their house and yard, dressing in costumes, or throwing or attending Halloween parties.

Consumers spend a lot of money on costumes whether it’s making, renting or buying costumes for the Halloween season. The most popular Halloween costumes for children in 2015 were princess, Batman or action and superhero costumes. For adults, the most popular costumes were witches, animals, Batman or zombies. Costumes can be expensive, so it is important if you are storing them for future use, to keep them in the best condition.

Halloween Costume Storage Ideas

Young children love to play dress-up in their Halloween costumes before and after trick-or-treating so if this is the case, make sure that the costume has been properly cleaned after Halloween. Then put the costumes in a plastic storage bin in the child’s room or playroom to use for dress-up.

Halloween costumes can be stored in a closet, basement, attic, or a storage unit.  Halloween costumes need to be properly prepared and stored correctly so they can be ready for future use.  To prepare the costume for storage, make sure that it is properly laundered, dry cleaned or hand washed based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove all stains in the costume as they can become permanent and ruin the costume.

It is recommended that costumes are stored in a manner to retain their original shape. Store costumes in an acid free plastic container (orange to signify Halloween) or garment bag, if they need to be hung. Do not store costumes in a plastic bag! These bags can trap moisture which can damage the costume over long term storage. Stuff helmets with bubble wrap in order to keep their shape and then store upright. If folding in a bin, use acid free tissue paper in between the folds to help the costume keep its shape.

ezStorage created “How to Store Halloween Costumes” to give easy-to-follow tips to help make sure that Halloween costumes are properly taken care of when being placed in storage.