How to Store a Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Storage It is important to have a proper holiday decoration storage strategy for family heirloom ornaments to outside decorations to artificial Christmas trees. Holiday decorations come in all sizes, but most are usually small in size and relatively easy to store. However, artificial Christmas trees are quite large, need to be put up then taken down every year and can take up quite a lot of storage space. Artificial Christmas trees are very durable, but you still need to make sure that you have the best Christmas tree storage solution for your needs, so you can continue to use the tree for many holidays to come.

Christmas Tree Storage Tips

When it is time to take down the Christmas tree, it is important to properly prepare the tree for storage. Consult the tree’s manufacturer instructions and recommendations for how to store your tree. Some companies recommend disassembling trees for storage, while others recommend keeping the tree fully assembled. Each Christmas tree storage solution will require time and storage space. Find out how to store a Christmas tree at home or in a self storage unit with the following tips:

Storing a Tree in a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

One of the best and easiest ways to store an artificial Christmas tree is fully assembled.  The only downfall is a fully assembled tree can take up a lot of storage space. 

  • Before you place the tree in storage, inspect the tree and the tree lights from the top down and inside out. Replace the broken or burnt out bulbs as soon as possible.
  • A Christmas tree storage bag is a great way to keep the tree protected from dirt, dust and debris.
  • Artificial Christmas tree storage bags come in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large, but make sure that the storage bag is sized to fit your Christmas tree.
  • If you are keeping lights, garland and ornaments on the tree, make sure that you get a storage bag size that compensates for the fully-decorated tree.
  • Some of the storage bags have wheels, which allows for moving of the tree in and out of storage.

How to Disassemble a Christmas Tree for Storage

The most commonly used option for Christmas tree storage is to take apart the tree and store the pieces in boxes.  There are certain steps to follow to make sure that you have all of the branches properly stored and ready to be used for next year’s holiday.

  • If possible, store the tree branches in the original box. If the boxes are in good condition, they can help protect the tree for many years to come.
  • If the original boxes are not an option, then use a storage bin, duffel bag, or boxes which are large enough to hold all parts of the tree.
  • As you start the taking down the tree, “unfluff” the tree and compress the branches to preserve the needles and branches.
  • Remove the top section of the tree first.
  • The branches can be removed section by section. After removing the top, the center part of the tree should be the next section to be taken apart.
  • The tree branches may be different sizes based on where they are on the tree. After removing, place like-sized branches together in the storage bins or boxes.
  • After the branches are off, loosen the bolts of the tree stand and remove the bottom section of the tree. Store the hardware in a plastic bag attached to one of the branches so the parts will not get lost.

Placing seasonal decorations in a storage unit is a great household storage solution. Renting a storage unit also helps to eliminate some of the post-holiday clutter that tends to accumulate at the beginning of every New Year. Seasonal items can be stored in the back of a storage unit and then switched out throughout the year when they are needed. Stop by any of the 46 ezStorage self-storage locations in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. areas to find out how easy it is to store your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.