How to Properly Pack Your Storage Unit

ezStorage offers packing supplies.The decision has been made to rent a storage unit. You have decided on the location that best fits your needs. Now, it is time to pack your storage unit and you want to make sure that you properly pack your belongings.  Also, if you pack the boxes, appliances and furniture efficiently in storage, then you will be able to easily access your items when you might need them. These storage tips are useful for either business or personal storage. Stop by any of the ezStorage 45 storage locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia for more tips!

1. The first step to properly packing your storage unit is to have the correct supplies to pack your items! All ezStorage locations offer boxes, bubble wrap, newsprint, packaging tape and other supplies  to help you pack your boxes properly for storage. (We will touch upon some tips to pack items for storage in a future blog post.)

2. Label every box that you put in storage. Keep a running inventory list of the boxes that you place in storage. This list is a handy reference tool when you need to access specific items or files.

3. Properly seal all boxes with packing tape to protect contents from dust.

4.  Stack like-sized boxes together. The heavier boxes should be at the bottom of the stack with the lighter boxes on the top. Don’t stack the boxes too high or they could topple over.

5. A packed box should not weigh over 30 pounds. Heavier boxes are harder to lift.

6. Utilize all empty spaces in all stored furniture, shelving units and appliances. Clean out and defrost refrigerators and ovens. Once these are clean, you can store linens and small boxes on the shelves. Leave the doors of the refrigerators open during storage to prevent moisture from developing inside the appliance.

7. Leave an aisle in your storage unit so you can walk around your stored items.

8. Take apart tables and beds for storage. Wrap the legs of these items together in bubble wrap to protect them. Put the nuts, bolts and screws inside a plastic bag and attach it to the legs.

9. Vertically stack chairs in the storage unit. Store mattresses and couches vertically in the storage unit.

10. Use covers to protect furniture from scratches and damage if you are stacking furniture.

11. Place less used items at the back of the storage unit. Have the items that you will need to access more frequently near the front of the storage unit. Store electronics, preferably in their original boxes, towards the back or middle of the storage unit for added security.