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How to Organize Your Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps

How To | February 11, 2014

An organized kitchen after following kitchen organization tips
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The kitchen is usually the focus point of the home. It is a place where everyone gathers for conversations, meals, homework and family and friend get-togethers. The kitchen is also the first room to gather clutter on a daily basis. After a long day, it is commonly cluttered with backpacks purses, keys and wallets. When you combine this with the spare, gifted and hand-me-down pots, pans, small appliances and kitchen gadgets we gather from holidays, friends and relatives, it is easy to let the kitchen get out of hand. But, if the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is very important to keep it organized.

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10 Great Kitchen Organization Tips

There are many great kitchen solutions that will bring a sense of calm to a cluttered kitchen. Try out these 10 kitchen organization tips!

    1. Start with a Plan.
      Separate your kitchen into categories such as junk drawer, pantry, cabinets, countertops and drawers. Work on reorganizing one category at a time. Once one project is completed, move on to the next category.
    2. Get Rid of Excess Items.
      Throw away expired food, broken plates, glasses, and mismatched storage containers. If the utensils, appliance and storage containers are still in good condition, think about selling or donating them.
    3. Only Keep the Essentials.
      Be honest when sorting through your items. If you haven’t used the kitchen gadget in the last year, get rid of it.
    4. Get off to a Fresh Start.
      Clean the empty cabinets or drawers and change the shelving paper before putting items back inside. Also, wash the items before putting them back in the cabinets.
    5. Categorize Your Items.
      When you are putting items back in the cabinets, categorize them into smaller groups such as baking items, special occasion dishes or everyday items. There are many kitchen storage solutions that are available at home improvement stores. Set aside a drawer for plastic bags, aluminum foil and other wrapping together in a drawer near the refrigerator.
    6. Make Cleaning and Decluttering a Habit.
      Clean off the counter where bags, keys, and purses get thrown every day. Place a decorative bowl on the counter to put keys and other small objects. After a week, clean through the bowl to throw away items or put them in their proper homes.
    7. Utilize all Cabinet and Vertical Space.
      Put special occasion dishes and serving items higher up in the cabinet. Have a step stool handy to reach the items that are on the higher shelves.
    8. Use Kitchen Organization Containers.There are many kitchen storage solutions on the market. Use kitchen drawer organizers for your spoons, knives and forks. For decorative ideas, put spatulas and large spoons in a vase on your countertop. Use decorative storage containers, such as mason jars, to store dry ingredients on the countertop.
    9. Clean as You Go.
      Don’t leave dishes sitting in the sink after a meal. Wash and put the pans and dishes away after each use.
    10. Categorize Food in the Pantry.
      Before your kitchen organization project is complete, it is important to organize the pantry. Keep all of your baking items together on one self. Use organization baskets to make it easy for children to grab a snack. There is also over the door hanging storage for spices and even cleaning supplies.

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