How to Declutter Your Home Room-by-Room

House Decluttering Tips

Every year, people make resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, save more and get more organized. According to a survey on New Year’s resolutions recently posted by Statistic Brain, being organized and removing clutter was the second most popular resolution for 2015. With the 2016 New Year in full swing, now is the perfect time to set-up your home to be clutter free after the chaos of the holiday season. Any holiday decoration storage projects should be finalized to help you focus on other organization projects. You can start with small organizing and decluttering projects such as organizing a closet and then move onto larger tasks such as re-organizing your entire kitchen.

How to Start Organizing and DeCluttering Projects

By following some of the simple house decluttering tips below, you can easily start off 2016 on an organized path. Start with a goal in mind for your organizing and decluttering project. If the task seems too daunting, hiring a professional organizer could be an option to get you started on your decluttering project. After you decide on your goal, create a list of what you need to do and what supplies you will need. Split up the decluttering projects into smaller tasks, which will be then be easier to accomplish. Consider breaking down your decluttering project into rooms, it can help make the task less daunting.

  • The first step of any reorganization project is to remove all items from the room (or area) that you are decluttering.
  • Once you have removed the items and cleared out the room, then it is time to sort the items into the following piles (or boxes): keep in the room, store, donate, sell or throw away. Stick to your sorting strategy as much as possible.
  • Remove the items that you want to throw away, donate, sell or store right away. Purchase storage options, such as shelving units, door organizers, storage bins and baskets to help keep the items remaining in the room organized.


How to Declutter Your Home Room-by-Room

Each room in the home requires different plans for how to declutter. Follow some of the quick and easy room-by-room decluttering and organizing tips below and before you know it, you will have a reorganized home!

Kitchen Organization Tips

  • Match up lids to bottoms of storage containers. If you can’t find a match, recycle them or throw them away.
  • Throw out old and unused kitchen equipment.
  • Utilize storage bins, baskets, and other supplies to organize like items in your pantry and cupboards.

Bathroom De-cluttering Tips

  • Throw away old and outdated cosmetics, medicine and first aid items.
  • Organize like items together in the medicine or linen cabinet.
  • Re-stock the first aid kit.

Decluttering Tips for the Living Room

  • Do not leave items sitting around on coffee tables or furniture. Put away items in their proper homes every evening before you go to bed.
  • Utilize storage options to store and display collections.

Organizing a Home Office

  • Throw out old office equipment
  • Sort mail as soon as you get it instead of just putting it in a pile. Recycle magazines and catalogs that you get in the mail right away.
  • Utilize all vertical spaces in the room by hanging shelving and pegboards.
  • When you put items back in the room, make sure that you have items that you need the most on or close to your desk.
  • Create a filing system for family documents, bills and financial documents.


ezStorage has moving and packing supplies that will help you during your decluttering project. If you need a place to store additional items that no longer fit inside a room after you declutter your home, then renting a self-storage unit is a great home storage solution.