Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

Christmas Decoration Storage

Every home can have a variety of holiday decorations from menorahs to Christmas trees to blow-up outdoor decorations. Of course, all of your decorations are special to you and need to be treated with extra care when storing.

Every year in November and December, we bring our holiday decorations out of storage and decorate our homes for the holiday season. In fact, based on a 2015 Christmas decoration report by Unity Marketing, 80% of U.S. Households decorate their homes for Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter holidays. The survey also showed that a majority of people will buy new decorations to supplement the decorations they already have or replace holiday ornaments, lights and other items that are broken. Results from the survey revealed 56% of people are likely to purchase new decorations to enhance holiday celebrations, compared to 45% who said they will not purchase new decorations this year.  Of those surveyed, 29% will purchase outdoor holiday decorations while 46% will buy indoor holiday decorations. With all the new holiday decorations purchased every year, such as ornaments, Christmas lights and artificial trees, proper storage is required to help ensure their longevity. Since proper packing is so important in preserving holiday decorations for future use, we’ve shared some of our favorite holiday storage ideas below.

Holiday Storage Ideas

Between festive lights, ornaments, wreaths and Christmas trees, holiday decorations can take up a lot of storage space in your home.  It is important to have some holiday storage ideas in mind for the home or for placing your holiday decorations in a self storage unit. Renting a self storage unit is a great Christmas decoration storage solution for holiday items including Christmas trees, indoor and outdoor lights, outdoor displays, ornaments and wreaths.

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

When storing holiday decorations either at home or in a storage unit, special care needs to be taken so these items will continue to stay in good condition. Following simple steps will allow for continued use of treasured decorations. You can purchase specially designed holiday decoration storage boxes to store odd-shaped items such as ornaments, lights, garlands, and more.

First, check for broken ornaments and lights before packing away the holiday trimmings.  If they can’t be fixed, then discard them and add them to an inventory list of items to replace next year. Once you have inspected the decorations, then sort them in boxes by type. Plastic bins are great holiday decoration storage solutions. You can easily see what is being stored, so you can access it when you need it. Christmas lighting storage is easy when the indoor/outdoor lights are coiled and stored in one box.  Perhaps the most difficult items to store are Christmas tree ornaments. Ornaments can be very delicate and come in many shapes and sizes so holiday ornament storage solutions will need to be a bit more creative than just putting decorations in a box. They should be wrapped in tissue paper and then stored in boxes separately from other holiday decorations.

By using some simple DIY storage and packing tips, Christmas decoration storage can be much easier, so the lights, candles, ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, and outdoor decorations can be used for many years to come. ezStorage has created “How to Store Holiday Decorations”, an easy-to-follow guide to help you with properly storing holiday decorations.