Garage Spring Cleaning Made Easy

How To Clean A GarageIt’s fairly common for our garage to become a “catch-all” of sorts. Items we don’t use very often can get placed on shelving, in boxes, or even heaped in piles on the floor to be dealt with at a later time. Soon enough, you might not even have room to park your car anymore!

This is why it’s a good idea to add garage cleaning to your annual spring cleaning checklist. As the weather continues to warm up, set aside one day to tackle not only cleaning your garage, but also some basic garage organization tasks.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garage

Wondering how to clean your garage or where to even start? Here are some easy garage cleaning tips to have you on your way to a clean, organized space:

  • Empty it out completely. Start your garage cleaning day by removing everything from the garage and putting items safely in the driveway or yard. This way you’ll be able to truly get an idea of everything that’s been accumulating in the garage for the past year! You’ll be able to easily start making decisions about what to keep and what can be tossed or placed in a self-storage unit to clear out space.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Now that the garage is completely empty, sweep and hose down the floors, making sure to get into all those corners, too. Oil and other stains on the floor should also be taken care of with some sawdust or kitty litter. Your garage floor may not sparkle like your kitchen floor, but keeping it tidy can reduce dirt that gets tracked into the home. Don’t forget to take a broom and knock down cobwebs around the ceiling, too.
  • Sort items and make decisions. While your garage floor is drying, start sorting through the belongings you’ve placed outside in the yard or driveway. Toss broken items immediately, and place like items together into piles. Items you no longer use but are in good working condition can be donated. If you find you are storing things in the garage you only need to access a couple times a year, consider renting a self-storage unit to help create more space for your lawn mower, bikes, summer sporting equipment, etc.
  • Create a garage organization plan. Designate a spot for everything; you might find that you need more shelving or plastic storage bins to help keep your garage tidy and organized. Putting things back in an organized fashion will allow you to easily find items you’re looking for when you need them, without destroying all the progress you’ve made when you did your initial garage cleaning.
  • Schedule monthly mini-cleanups. Now that your garage is clean and organized, make an effort to keep it that way! Every month (at least during the warmer months!), sweep it out and ensure that everything is still in its proper place.

Storing Garage Items in Self-Storage

Self-storage is a great option for storing extra items from a garage, including winter seasonal items like snow blowers, skis and sleds, and holiday decorations. ezStorage has a variety of self-storage unit sizes that can help you free up space in your garage. Stop by any of ezStorage’s convenient self-storage locations to find the best storage unit for your household storage needs.